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About Tradfolk.co

Celebrating folk culture now.

Tradfolk.co was put together to celebrate traditional folk culture now – folk music, folk dance, folk arts and crafts, even folk food (if there is such a thing – let’s find out) as they exist in modern life. It was built on the back of a blog called Grizzly Folk, which existed for a couple of years between 2017 and 2019. During its absence, we have been asked on a number of occasions to restart it, so here we are – finally getting around to doing just that.

In the intervening years, editor Jon Wilks has also been running The Old Songs Podcast, so Tradfolk.co has become its new home. Expect more episodes in the near future.

By way of FAQs, do read on…

Folk Against Fascism

At Tradfolk.co, we’re interested in traditions. Being based in England, we look mainly at English traditions and celebrate the myriad, wonderful things that fall under the banner of folk culture, including the songs, the tunes, the crafts, the arts, the customs and the rituals. We’re absolutely NOT about appropriating Englishness for right-wing causes. Quite the opposite. It’s about inclusivity, not exclusivity.

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Quite possibly. While we’re happy to hear about events or albums that you may wish to promote, we’d like to underline the fact that this website is for traditional folk culture and things that are clearly and obviously inspired by it. While we’re sure your singer-songwriter album sounds folkie in the wider sense, if you’re not down with the fol-de-rols, we can’t help you.

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