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Contributions with Paypal

If you use Paypal, you can choose to make a one-off donation or a regular, monthly donation. You can also choose to cover the Paypal fees – all choices at your own discretion. Just click the following button and take it from there.

For non-Paypal users

We use a service called Steady to take contributions. These are currently set at £3 per month and £5 per month. You can choose which you’d like to pay.

In return, you will receive the latest articles in your inbox as soon as they are published, as well as peace of mind that you are supporting something worthwhile. We intend to use the money to grow the community and, in time, pay some seriously good writers and photographers to create content with us.

In the future, we’d like to expand the payment options, giving those who support us the chance to receive more VIP content and get involved in our events. We don’t want to run before we can walk, so we’re starting small, but we’ve got big ambitions!

If you think you can afford to spare a few pounds – little more than the price of a decent cup of coffee – to support what we’re doing, we’d be incredibly grateful.

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