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Broadside Hacks stand together in front of a blue wall. One member at the front of the crowd has a fluffy dress on.

The Broadside Hack: coming soon to a screen near you

Already making an appearance at festivals around the UK, 'The Broadside Hack' is a new film exploring traditional folk music in a modern context.

Broadside Hacks, the band/collective/scene/record label that have been taking traditional music to unexpected audiences since their inception during lockdown, return this summer with The Broadside Hack. The short film, also featuring Boss Morris, Thyrsis, Caroline and Shovel Dance Collective, was filmed at Real World Studios. It is part of British Underground’s Looking for a New England series of showcases. You can watch the trailer below.

In our recent feature on Broadside Hacks, founder member, Campbell Baum, explained, “British Underground had heard the compilation, basically, and they said, ‘Find five acts that are free on this date. We’re going to make a film.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it!’ But we made it at Real World. It’s called The Broadside Hack. It’s a film that looks at how we all came to find traditional folk music, how we all came from completely different places, basically, and how it influences what each of us do. Take Caroline, for example. They met playing in Appalachian folk bands in Sussex, and now they do something that’s very much not folk, but it’s there in their roots. We’re the opposite, obviously. We started off in another world and then sort of came to traditional folk music. My brother [Thyrsis] was a chorister at New College, so his introduction to it was through choral music. It’s interesting.”

The film will be screened at Glastonbury and Latimer festivals, and then at Kings Place, London, on August 25th. The latter event will also feature performances by Broadside Hacks and Shovel Dance Collective. To book your tickets, click here.