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Members of Goblin Band, Broadside Hacks and Katy J Pearson onstage at MOTH Club.
Members of Goblin Band, Broadside Hacks and Katy J Pearson onstage at MOTH Club.

Broadside Hacks launch a contemporary folk treasure trove

The current centre of London's happening folk scene, based around MOTH Club in Hackney, launches a Patreon page that mixes the bright young things with the truly legendary.

You’ll have heard rumours of Hackney’s burgeoning folk scene, centred around MOTH Club, helmed by Campbell Baum of Broadside Hacks. You’ll have picked up on the fact that Baum has somehow managed to attract an audience decades younger than the average folk club demographic, and how he’s selling out most of the events he programmes. But perhaps you’ve not been able to make it down there – a combination of distance and that ever-present SOLD OUT sign. Well, fret no more. The Broadside Hacks Folk Club is coming to you.

In an exciting development for fans of traditional and contemporary folk music, Baum and his merry gang have announced the launch of a new Patreon page, offering exclusive access to an extensive archive of performances from their renowned evenings. The MOTH Club gatherings have become a staple of the current London folk music scene, known for their unique blend of performances by both emerging talents and venerable legends.

Sam Grassie of Broadside Hacks, performing at MOTH Club. Photo credit: Sophia Barloc

The Broadside Hacks Folk Club has garnered attention for its inclusive approach, uniting artists across the spectrum of folk music. From legendary figures like Peggy Seeger, Wizz Jones, and Martin Carthy, to younger, emerging groups such as Shovel Dance Collective and Goblin Band, the club promotes a diverse and vibrant community. This rich tapestry of artists reflects the broad appeal of folk music and its ability to adapt and evolve while staying rooted in tradition.

Subscribers to the Patreon will gain access to over 100 videos, beginning at a modest fee of £2 a month, a treasure trove of folk music history and contemporary creativity. Highlights from the archive include:

  • A special ‘In Conversation’ session with Peggy Seeger, offering insights into her illustrious career spanning over 55 years and her perspectives on the folk revival in the UK and the US.
  • A celebration of the 50th anniversary of John Martyn’s Solid Air, with musicians covering the album in its entirety, paying homage to its enduring influence on various music genres.
  • Performances of songs from The Wicker Man soundtrack, featuring Katy J Pearson, Broadside Hacks & friends, with notable appearances by artists like Rhian Teasdale (Wet Leg) and Rowan Gatherer (Goblin Band).

Looking ahead, the Patreon page promises to add even more content, including performances and conversations with artists like Muireann Bradley, a podcast on Bert Jansch, and a series titled ‘A Spooky Old Time’ featuring artists like Goblin Band and Jennifer Reid.

The launch of this Patreon page marks a significant moment for the Broadside Hacks Folk Club. It offers a sustainable model for supporting artists and ensuring the continued vitality of the folk scene. Moreover, it provides a platform for the preservation of folk music’s rich heritage and its ongoing dialogue between the past and the present.

For enthusiasts of folk music and its myriad expressions, the Broadside Hacks Patreon is an exciting resource, promising not only entertainment but also education and engagement with the heart and soul of folk traditions. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the scene, this archive offers a window into the enduring power and beauty of folk music, celebrated in an environment that cherishes inclusivity and innovation.

Explore the Broadside Hacks Folk Club Patreon collection today on: patreon.com.