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Tapping into Teesdale’s musical talent: A golden opportunity for young folk musicians

Discover Teesdale's rich folk legacy with M@HoT's initiative for young artists. Dive into rehearsals, masterclasses, and perform on grand folk stages!

Folk music is more than just melodies and tunes; it’s the echoing voice of our ancestors, a chronicle of our shared history, and a testament to our cultural diversity. Recognizing the beauty and richness of this tradition, Music at the Heart of Teesdale (M@HoT) is keen to unearth and nurture the budding folk talent of the Northeast. If you’re aged between 15 and 25 and have folk in your soul, this is your stage.

A Grand Folk Day Out

Circle Saturday, 14th October on your calendar. From 10am to 5pm, The Forum in Darlington will hum with the timeless strains of folk music, tradition, and youthful zeal. M@HoT’s Open Day & Auditions offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the world of folk. Meet the passionate M@HoT team, delve into the intricacies of folk projects they helm, and bond with fellow folk enthusiasts.

The Yellow Rattle Band

The Yellow Rattle Band embodies the spirit of folk. As a participant-led ensemble, it promises an enriching journey through 2023/24. Envision monthly half-day rehearsals at The Forum, Darlington, enhanced by masterclasses and mentoring from folk maestros, technicians, and arts & music specialists. The climax? Mesmerizing performances on regional and festival stages, celebrating the age-old charm of folk!

Journey, joy, and folk mastery with M@HoT

Under the watchful eyes of professional folk musician Tom Kimber and the dedicated M@HoT ensemble, members will be privy to:

  • Deep dives into folk artistry and mentorship
  • Regular rehearsal spaces echoing with folk rhythms
  • Opportunities to captivate audiences at local and national folk festivals
  • Wisdom from guest tutors steeped in folk traditions

Additionally, M@HoT presents unparalleled professional folk advancement. From masterclasses fine-tuning your live and studio performances to personalized guidance, the folk revelations are endless. Aspiring folk maestros also have the rare opportunity to influence M@HoT’s Youth Advisory Panel, guiding the organization’s folk journey and mentoring other budding folk bands.

Become folk’s next sensation

If the call of folk music stirs your soul, this is your moment. For more information or to signal your interest for the Open Day, navigate to the M@HoT website. And for any folk queries, their inbox is always open at info@mathot.co.uk.

Here’s to the folk tales, ballads, and melodies that Teesdale’s future promises.