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Boss Morris Exhibition at Hidden Notes

The Boss Morris Exhibition looks set to cap a year in which Stroud's progressive dancing side has taken the folk world by storm.

In the historic town of Stroud, a revolution in the world of folk dance has been unfolding since 2015. Boss Morris, a group of dynamic female creatives backed by professional musicians, have been redefining morris dancing. Their approach is not only rooted in the appreciation of traditional Cotswold morris dances from the early 1900s but also punctuated by choreographed performances set to contemporary music and electronic beats.

Boss Morris at FolkEast. Photo credit: Jon Wilks

Their performances have become a mainstay at numerous festivals, community events, and they’ve even managed to take the mainstream music industry unawares. By intertwining a deep understanding of the past with a modern flair, they have had an undeniable hand in shaping the future of morris dancing, making it more inclusive and relevant. Boss Morris is more than just a dance troupe; they’re part of a larger movement striving to reshape narratives about English culture and identity. Their artistic endeavors challenge nationalistic values and present a refreshed, modern image of a timeless tradition. However, amidst their innovative approach, one thing remains consistent: their commitment to having fun.

This year, Boss Morris is set to break new ground with their inaugural exhibition at Hidden Notes vol.3. Attendees can anticipate a mix of the group’s signature hand-crafted beasts, select prints, short films, and captivating performance videos. The event promises to be a sensory delight, complete with interactive and immersive elements. Whether you’re drawn to the strange, the entertaining, or the inexplicable, this exhibition promises not to disappoint.

For those interested in a hands-on experience, a special workshop is slated for September 22nd at Lansdown Hall. This is the perfect opportunity for novices to immerse themselves in the art of traditional Cotswold Morris Dance. Boss Morris assures that in just 90 minutes, participants will feel the exhilaration of being a “hopper.” Remember to wear trainers and comfortable attire!


Note: Workshop tickets are separate from HN weekend or day tickets. Book now to secure your spot!