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Sallyport Sword Dancers. Photo credit: Victoria Clegg

DERT: The Results

Didn't make it to Rochdale for DERT 2023? Never fear, here's a round up of the results and action.

Having whet your appetite for fast and furious rapper action in our preview of DERT last week, and because reporting on a live event makes me feel like a sports journalist, we thought we’d bring you some of the best bits from DERT 2023.

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The results

Congratulations to all the winning teams on their fine performances, and to all the teams who woz robbed of victory so cruelly. Clearly, Tower Ravens, Sallyport and Whip the Cat are the teams to beat in 2024.

Premier ClassTower Ravens
Open ClassSilver Flame
The Adrienne Moss Trophy(The Veterans Competition: awarded to the highest-scoring team with a combined age of 250 yearsSallyport Sword Dancers
The Steve Marris Trophy
(Awarded to the team with the highest overall score, including character scores, from any category.)
Tower Ravens
(Awarded to the highest scoring team in the youth (17-13 years) and junior (12 years and under) competitions.)
NYFTE (both age groups)
(Awarded to the highest scoring team in the main competition performing rapper as an alternative to their main dance forms.)
Traditional Competition
(Awarded to the highest-scoring team performing a traditional rapper dance.)
Sallyport Sword Dancers
The Tyzack Shield
(Awarded to the team with the highest marks for buzz factor (the excitement of the dance)).
Whip the Cat
(Awarded to the highest-scoring team for their dance in the Spotlight.)
Whip the Cat
(Awarded to the team with the highest scores for characters: Tommy, Betty or both.)
Sallyport Sword Dancers
The Angela Lee Trophy
(Awarded to the team with the highest scores for music.)
Tower Ravens
The Pioneer Trophy (DERT 2023 host’s competition; awarded to the best example of cooperative working)Sallyport Sword Dancers

We particularly loved Sallyport Sword Dancers’ superb massed musicians, winning them the Pioneer Trophy for cooperation.  

Find out more about the competing teams below, or find your nearest rapper team on the morris map if you fancy giving bendy sword dancing a try.

NYFTE (the National Youth Folk Troupe of England) showing that the future of rapper is in safe hands. Photo credit: Jeff Johnson

You can also join the Facebook rapper community for lots more photos and videos from the day and of rapper generally: The Nut.

A special mention to Sheffield Steel Rapper who unfortunately, in a not-so-glorious throwback to 2020, had to pull out due to half the team catching COVID from each other a few days before the competition. Despite this, a healthy contingent got themselves to Rochdale to whoop and cheer their way through the day, and to hand out little bottles of Sheffield’s finest Henderson’s Relish to unsuspecting judges and dancers.

DERT 2024

Next year DERT will be heading to Whitby, so get 12-14 April 2024 in your diaries.