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The Pienini Sticker card collection for morris dancers

Got. Got. Got. NEED! Tradfolk launches morris sticker collection

We’re always looking for new ways to bring folk traditions to wider, younger audiences. Introducing our new Pienini morris stickers collection…

We’re sure many of our readers will have fond memories of collecting football stickers in their younger days; that lurch of excitement seeing a corner of a ‘shiny’ as you tore into a fresh pack. Playground swaps. Finally completing your favourite team. The rich kid whose parents always bought them by the box, rather than the pack. 

Well, now it’s time to relive that excitement with our new Pienini morris sticker collection!

Featuring morris sides from across the country and around the world, the stickers will contain stats and facts about the dancers and teams, allowing morris enthusiasts to collect, swap and stick their favourite performers. There will also be super rare festival ‘shinies’, ‘beasts’, and a ‘Morris Legends’ collection featuring figures from the history of morris, all ready to be affixed in a beautifully designed sticker album.

Initially available exclusively from the Tradfolk website, we are in talks to roll the stickers out to major nationwide retailers; Pienini and Panini sitting side by side in WHSmiths.

With interest increasing in morris and folk culture generally, we think this is the perfect time to inspire a new generation of morris aficionados. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll be hearing playground arguments about who gets to be Neal, Merry, Muninn or Kimber…

Our Pienini Morris Sticker Packs are now available to order. Click here for more info.

Photo credits: Jonathan Cherry, Richard Crease/Alamy, Chapel-En-Le-Frith Morris, EFDSS collection, Jon Wilks, Huginn & Munnin.