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May Day Morris Dancing callout, 2024

When will these godforsaken dark nights end? When will the cold desist and the rains subside? When the Morris returns, that's when!

All over the country, Morris dancing sides are waking from their slumber, supping fresh apple juice from their tankards and giving their bells a good seeing to. They’ll be setting their alarm clocks increasingly early, training for that fast-approaching May Day morning when the country (nay, world) expects them to rise and see that the summer gets underway with a hop, a skip and as few broken ankles as possible.

Are you a Morris dancer preparing to dance up May Day morning? Whether you’re dancing with a traditional side, a prog-Morris side, or as a Hedge Morris dancer, we want to hear from you.

Click the button below and register your planned dance out so that we can update our May Day Morris directory in super-speedy fashion. Once you’ve done that, keep checking Tradfolk to see when the directory goes live. We hope to see some of you on May Day morning.