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Jon Wilks plays guitar at Dorking Folk Club, 2018

The Old Songs Podcast: Se2Ep7 – ‘The Gloucestershire Wassail / The Wassailing Song’, ft. Jon Wilks

In this week's episode of the Old Songs Podcast, Nick Hart interviews Jon Wilks about the traditional song, The Gloucestershire Wassail [Roud 209].

This Christmassy episode of the Old Songs Podcast turns the tables slightly, as Nick Hart interviews Jon Wilks about a traditional folk song of wintery note, ‘The Gloucestershire Wassail’ [Roud 209]. The pair chat about the history of the song, where it was collected, where it travelled to, what the lyrics might refer to, the definition of wassailing, and its connection to Britpop (or all things). Everything you ever wanted to know about ‘The Wassailing Song’ is right here in this episode, so strap your ear-goggles on and summon your wassailing bowl.

Post-script: We found out shortly after the publishing of this edition that Gwilym Davies, mentioned in the episode, sadly died this year. We hope our words do justice to the amazing work he did in researching and extending the wassailing tradition.

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‘The Gloucestershire Wassail’ podcast notes


Over the course of the episode, Nick Hart and Jon Wilks mention the following things:

Track listing

  1. ‘The Wassailing Song’, performed by The Grizzly Folk
  2. ‘The Gloucestershire Wassail’, performed by Magpie Lane
  3. ‘The Kentucky Wassail’, performed by John Jacob Niles
  4. ‘The Wassailing Song’, performed by Blur
  5. ‘Wassail’, arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  6. ‘The Halsway Carol’, performed by Jackie Oates
  7. ‘The Gloucestershire Wassail’, performed exclusively by Jon Wilks

For more info on Jon Wilks, head to jonwilks.online.