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Photo credit: Kathy Baxendale

What’s on at FolkEast, 2022

Heading to FolkEast this year and keen to know what's on and where? We've got all the info you're likely to need.

FolkEast Festival Logo
Tradfolk is delighted to be heading to FolkEast this year as official media partners. This article is part of a series of articles that we'll be producing in the run-up to, and during, the 2022 events.

FolkEast may be something of a boutique festival, but there’s more stuff going on at Suffolk’s best folk festival than you could shake your driveller at. This article is our best attempt to cram as much of it as possible into one page.

Looking for the FolkEast line-up, all in one place? You’ll find it here. Hoping to catch some dwile flonking? This is the page for you. Want to know where you can grab a pint and a sarnie? We’re not buying, but we’ll point you in the right direction.

Bookmark this page, keep your phone at hand, and come back whenever you’re wondering what’s on, where it’s at, and what time it’ll happen.

What’s the difference between the main stages?

In short, the Sunset Stage at FolkEast is the outdoor stage, while Moot Hall is a covered stage. Neither is more important than the other. It just depends on your mood. If you fancy getting out of the sun, Moot Hall might be your stop-off point. If you’re up for seeing the stars above you, head for the Sunset Stage.

Note that, in the lead up to the festival, some of these events, times and stages may change. We’ll endeavour to keep you up-to-date with as much fresh info as possible, as soon as we receive it.