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Photo credit: Richard Gearey

A statement from Paul Sartin’s family

A statement from the family of beloved folk musician, Paul Sartin, who passed away on the evening of September 14th.

The following is a statement from Angela, James, Will and Joe Sartin.

“It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of our beloved Paul, who left us unexpectedly yesterday evening. We know that he was someone who brought wonderful music into your lives, and that so many of you counted him as a close and dear friend. We have lost a son and a father, and while we ask now that we are allowed to mourn Paul in private, we understand that many of you will have lovely memories that you would like to share. We invite you to do this in the comments beneath this post so that we can read them when we feel ready.”

The post that they are referring to can be found on Facebook at this link, on Twitter at this link, and on Instagram at this link.

Cause of death

On September 18th, aware that rumours had begun to spread on the internet, the family released the following statement regarding the cause of Paul Sartin’s death:

“We know that many people are concerned about how Paul passed away, and that there has been a lot of speculation and rumour. Although we will not receive the results of the autopsy for a little while, we can confirm that he collapsed suddenly on the evening of September 14th, shortly before taking the stage at a concert in Oxford. He was with his dear friend and bandmate, Saul Rose.”