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The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023: Double your impact for English Folk Arts

The English Folk Dance and Song Society introduces The Big Give Christmas Challenge, 2023: an unprecedented opportunity to boost folk arts through matched donations.

As the festive season approaches, an exciting opportunity for supporters of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) has emerged. For a limited period, from midday on Tuesday, November 28th to midday on December 5th, 2023, donations made to EFDSS through The Big Give website will be matched, effectively doubling the contribution at no extra cost to the donor. This initiative, part of The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023, presents a unique chance to amplify support for English folk music and dance.

During this one-week window, EFDSS aims to reach an ambitious fundraising target of £10,000. Recognizing the importance of this period, the society encourages potential donors to mark their calendars. To ensure supporters don’t miss this opportunity, a reminder notification can be arranged through this link.

The role of individual donations is pivotal for EFDSS. These contributions are the lifeblood that sustains the society’s diverse activities, which include promoting folk music, dance, and scholarly research. Each donation, regardless of size, plays a crucial part in fostering the growth and sustainability of folk arts.

The funds raised in this campaign will specifically support EFDSS’s Folk Rising program, dedicated to redefining English folk music and dance for the 21st century. It aims to cultivate a more diverse array of artists in the folk genre by providing bursaries, rehearsal spaces, and training. This initiative is about nurturing new voices and perspectives in folk music and dance, ensuring their relevance and resonance in contemporary society.

Throughout the campaign week, EFDSS will share insights into the Folk Rising program, highlighting the significant impact of the bursaries awarded in recent years. These have supported the careers and creative journeys of groundbreaking artists. Further details about the program and its outcomes are available on the Big Give fundraising page.

The success of this campaign hinges on the generosity of numerous pledgers, alongside the Reed Foundation, which functions as the Big Give champion funder by providing the matching funds. This collaboration ensures that each donation is maximized.

EFDSS’s recent initiatives, such as Angeline Morrison’s The Sorrow Songs, the Queer Folk initiative put together by Sophie Crawford and George Sansome, and Stick in the Wheel’s Perspectives on Tradition, exemplify the transformative effect of such support. These projects underscore the society’s commitment to fostering innovative and far-reaching folk art projects.

To help out, mark your calendars for midday, Tuesday November 28th, and head to the Big Give donation page.