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Introducing the Tradfolk Whatsapp group

Taking a leaf out of Jimmy & Sid's hi-tech book, we're pleased to announce that we've started a Tradfolk Whatsapp group.

Note: Since this article was published, the Tradfolk Whatsapp group has moved house. You’ll now find it on the Discord app, where over 100 people are sharing their tradfolk news.

Jimmy & Sid are pioneers. Everybody knows it. For years now they’ve been running a traditional singaround session in Bristol (it’s at The Star in Fishponds; last Tuesday of every month) with a Whatsapp group of over 150 members at the centre of it. We liked the look of it, so we’ve stolen the idea. Sorry, chaps. (Actually, they helped us set it up. Thanks, Jimmy & Sid.)

It’s a great way to get news out to a group of like-minded folks who can also share their news with us. We launched our own Tradfolk Whatsapp group last night, and it passed its 100th member within about 8 hours, representing digital folkies from Brighton to Newcastle and beyond. Immediate subgroups for sessions in London, as well as folk academia, have already been created.

To join the group and share the latest info on folk gigs, ceilidhs, sessions, singarounds, calendar ritual celebrations, folk art exhibitions, new articles – not to mention meeting like-minded folks around the country – simply hit the button at the bottom of this article, introduce yourself (people like to say where they’re joining from) and start posting.

It goes without saying that this group should be a safe space. Please respect each other and remember that we’re all about inclusivity. Many thanks, and we hope it becomes a useful folkie resource for you.