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Morris dancers from Sheffield City Morris performing a leapfrog
Sheffield City Morris performing in Bakewell, May 2023. Credit: Chris Willan

Nominate your favourite folk dance performance of 2023

We’re on the lookout for the best Morris or associated folk dance performance of 2023.

Last year we had over 35 entries displaying our wide and varied folk dance traditions and the enthusiasm, quality and fun with which they’re performed across the country and around the world.

Seen a stand-out May day performance? A high profile festival spot? Or simply a great dance at your local pub? We again want to highlight the quality and diversity of our dance traditions, so we’re asking you to nominate your favourite morris dance performances from 2023.

We’ll be looking for excellent dancing, audience reaction and performers who are having fun! To be considered eligible, performances need to:

  • Have taken place during the 2023 calendar year
  • Be on YouTube

Need some advice on what to submit? Check out our interview with last year’s winners Beltane Border Morris for some inspiration!