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The Old Songs Podcast: Se2Ep1 – ‘Lucy Wan’, ft. Nick Hart

The first episode of the second series of The Old Songs Podcast, now supported by the English Folk Dance & Song Society, features Nick Hart discussing the old ballad, Lucy Wan.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the traditional ballad, ‘Lucy Wan’ [Roud 234] can be found in the first episode of the second series of The Old Songs Post, featuring the English traditional ballad singer, Nick Hart. On this page you’ll find all the notes, links, track listings, etc, mentioned in the podcast itself. It can be heard by clicking the player below, or on the majority of podcast platforms.

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The Old Songs Podcast is supported by the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

‘Lucy Wan’ podcast notes


Over the course of the hour, Nick Hart and Jon Wilks mention the following links:

Track listing

  1. ‘Lucy Wan’, performed by Frankie Archer
  2. ‘Fair Lucy’, performed by Elmer George
  3. ‘Lucy Wan’, performed by Nick Hart
  4. ‘Lucy Wan’, performed by Spiers & Boden
  5. ‘Lucy Wan’, performed by Martin Carthy
  6. ‘Sheath and Knife’, performed by Ewan MacColl
  7. ‘Lucy Wan’, performed by Jim Moray ft. Bubbz
  8. ‘Lucy Wan’, performed exclusively for the Old Songs Podcast by Nick Hart

For more info on Nick Hart, head to nickhartmusic.com.