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The Furrow Collective stand on an inner-city street corner in the fading light.

The Furrow Collective – the Tradfolk interview

The Furrow Collective discuss collaboration, teaching engagements, and musical approaches in this heartfelt interview with Rachel Wilkinson, reflecting on 10 years of blending traditional ballads with contemporary relevance and good old band camaraderie.

The Old Songs Podcast

Exploring traditional folk music one song at a time.

Customs uncovered

Dig in to our selection of articles covering traditional British customs and the manner in which they survive and thrive today.

Painting of King Charles II hiding in an oak tree, aided by a companion, after the Battle of Worcester. The dense foliage and dark forest setting emphasize the secrecy and danger of his escape.

Customs Uncovered: Shit-Sack Day

Happy Shit-Sack Day to one and all! Join us as we dive nose-first into what is perhaps the best-named of all English traditions.

Customs Uncovered: The Tichborne Dole

Discover the enduring tradition of the Tichborne Dole, a charitable act dating back to the 12th century, offering blessed flour (and curses) to Hampshire locals.

A woman leaps between rocks on Dartmoor. She is wearing a cardigan and knee-high boots.

Customs uncovered: Leap Year

It’s not every year you get to write about leap years, for rather obvious reasons. So we thought we ought to jump on the chance in 2024.

Folk music reviews

Reviewing the latest releases on the traditional folk music scene. We focus on traditional music, or music that has been directly inspired by it.