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Saving a folk landmark from the property developers

The Royal Hotel in Dungworth is a stalwart of the Sheffield Carols tradition. Now under threat from property developers, a crowdfunding campaign is aiming to save it for the local, and folk, community. We caught up with Jon Boden to find out more.

Have yourself a very folkie Christmas

All our Christmas articles in one place...

What's the difference between Christmas and Yule?
Yule and Christmas... there's a connection there, surely. So, what's the difference? Is one Christian and the other Pagan, or is there more to it than that? And why, when decking the halls with boughs of holly, are we encouraged to don gay apparel and "troll the ancient Yuletide carol"? Where does Yule end and Christmas begin?

The Old Songs Podcast

Exploring traditional folk music one song at a time.

Customs uncovered

Dig in to our selection of articles covering traditional British customs and the manner in which they survive and thrive today.

People gather around a bonfire on a midsummer's night.

Customs Uncovered: Midsummer Rituals

While the summer solstice is commonly associated with something seemingly more spiritual, the rituals of Midsummer had more earthy connections.

Folk music reviews

Reviewing the latest releases on the traditional folk music scene. We focus on traditional music, or music that has been directly inspired by it.