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Two people stand by a fire against a darkening sky. The air is alight with sparks and they are wassailing an apple tree spruce.
Kenninghall Wood. Photo credit: Mark Bullimore Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

The Tradfolk Wassail Directory, 2023-24

Soak your toast in cider, grab your pans and wooden spoons, and head out into your nearest orchard to awaken the sleeping trees and wassail the evil spirits away.

The Green Man with a wassailing bowl
The word wassail derives from Old English wæs hæil which roughly translates as be you healthy or be in good health. In many counties, wassail songs are sung and performances are made to spread good cheer as well as pour libations over tree roots for good harvests. Common traditions include communal drinking, the singing of wassailing songs, dancing, and (at some of the older wassails) people firing shotguns. Common beverages for wassail include cider, hot spiced ale, wine or mead.

Welcome to the Tradfolk Wassail Directory, 2023-24. Please note that we’re in the process of adding this season’s wassails as we speak, so it may or may not look very complete, depending on when you’re viewing it. If you have a wassail you’d like to add, please check the FAQs below.

We launched this page during the winter of 2022 and the attention it drew was amazing, demonstrating to us that the wassailing tradition is not only alive and well, but also blossoming once again. We started by wondering why Google wasn’t able to deal the question, “where to wassail near me?”, and we’re pleased to say that now – thanks to this page – it has all the answers. We hope to keep it as up-to-date and useful as possible, so make sure you share it with any wassail organisers you know of.

Where to wassail near me?

Apple wassailing was traditionally held in cider-making communities, so you’re more likely to find wassails in the West Country, or in the Welsh border counties. That said, it appears to be a popular tradition that increasing numbers are returning to, and – like many great traditions – is spreading across England at quite a pace.

In creating this directory of wassails, many of the organisers were first-timers, suggesting that this tradition increasingly holds meaning for many people who may be coming to it anew. People seem to be keen to connect to the land in a way that we’ve perhaps not seen for some time. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly nice to be involved in something that is non-digital, allowing the participants to look up, gaze around them, and really notice the wheel of the year.

Obviously, if you’re travelling long distances for your wassail, it’s best to contact the organisers beforehand to see if it is still going ahead. However, at the time of writing, the nearest wassail to you may well be at one of the following places…

Your wassailing questions answered

When is wassailing celebrated?

Traditionally, people would have gone wassailing on the Twelfth Night (January 5th) or Old Twelvey (January 17th). These days, most wassails take place after the New Year, stretching from January through to March, and can be seen as a way of introducing a little post-Christmas communal magic in the dark and gloomy days before the sun returns.

How to pronounce wassailing?

‘Wassailing’ or ‘wassail’ is pronounced with an emphasis on the ‘sail’ part of the word. A phonetic way of writing it out would be ‘woh-say-luhng’. It can be heard clearly in many of the wassailing songs in the English tradition. “Wassail, wassail all over the town, my toast it is white and my ale it is brown.”

What does wassailing mean?

The word “wassail” comes from the Middle English toast, “waes hael”, meaning “be thou hale”, which in turn means “be in good health”. The phrase, “waes hael” dates back to pre-Norman times, so if you do decide to get outside and try a quick wassail, you’ll be following a time-honoured tradition. If someone says “waes hael” to you, the appropriate response is to “drinc hael”, or drink their good health.

How do I add my wassail to this list?

If you’ve spotted a wassail in the wild and you think it needs adding to the Tradfolk Wassail Directory, click this link and fill in the form. We’ll add it as soon as we can. Please provide as much info as possible.

Listen to our podcast about wassailing songs here…






Dunton Wassail

Church Farm, Dunton, Biggleswade
Jan 6th, 2024
6.30pm onwards

A wonderful community wassail! A cornucopia of morris dancing from Letchworth Morris and Bedford Morris, a mummers play from the Barfront Guizers, and singing from Jack In A Barrel. Hot snacks are provided by the Community Garden and mulled cider, mulled apple juice and beer are available. The evening culminates in the processional Abbots Bromley Horn Dance into the orchard where cider soaked toast is hung in the trees and wassailing songs are sung. Those of a musical nature (and some of a not so musical nature!) then retire to The March Hare pub for a traditional music session. Click here for more information.

Red Cuthbert Wassail

Bedford Park, Bedford
Jan 7th, 2024
2pm onwards

There will be dancing and singing in the park, hosted by Red Cuthbert Morris. Refreshments will be available from The Pavilion so grab something warm and toast the new year. Click here for more information.


Traditional Orchard Wassail

Lilly Hill Park, Bracknell
Jan 27th, 2024

Banishing the evil spirits and awakening the sleeping apple trees at this relatively new wassail are the OBJ Morris. The ceremony will be conducted by firelight, and you are encouraged to bring your own cider or apple juice so that you can bless the trees. Take a torch and drink responsibly, won’t you? Click here for more information.


Perry Hall Accredited Country Park Wassail

Perry Barr, B42 1RS
Jan 20th, 2024
2pm onwards

Hosted by the Friends of Perry Hall Accredited Country Park, the Brummie Gems Molly Dancers will entertain the crowd, before leading a procession to the community orchard. The trees will then be wassailed with toast and cider and evil spirits banished by the banging of pots and pans. A traditional wassail song will be sung, before participants return to the community building for apple pie and hot mulled wine. Bostin. Click here for more information.

Stirchley Wassail

Birmingham Brewing Company, Stirchley
Jan 20th, 2024
4.30pm onwards

Organised by Fruit & Nut Village, a local charity growing orchards and perennial food spaces, this wassail starts and finishes at the Birmingham Brewing Company. You’re advised to wrap up warm and take along pots, pans, sppons, or anything else you can bang to make some noise. They’d appreciate an RSVP but you can still go along if you checked this list last minute! Click here for more information.

Wassail in the Orchard

Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens
Jan 28th, 2024

Expect raucous music, stories, songs and a torchlit parade to the Orchard, where the trees will be blessed with toast and cider. Leading the jollities will be Beorma, a mixed side of lively Border Morris dancers, who’ll be joined by a friendly Wild Green Man of the Woods. Warmed apple juice and spiced cider will be available for sale. Tickets must be bought in advance. Click here for more information.


Hedgerley Wassail

The White Horse, Hedgerley, Slough
Jan 13th, 2024
2pm onwards

Head to The White Horse to catch Datchet Morris in action at the Hedgerley Wassail. No further information currently available check their facebook page for updates.


Trumpington Wassail

Trumpington Community Orchard
Jan 14th, 2024
2pm onwards

The community of Trumpington is once again invited to join Lord of Misrule, Nigel Pennick, to clear off the evil orchard spirits and bless the trees for the coming year. We have no further information.


National Trust Wassail

Cotehele, Saltash
Dec 23th, 2023

Join the team at Cotehele for their annual Wassail as they attempt to scare away the evil spirits from the Mother Orchard to ensure there is a bumper crop of apples next year. Fancy dress and noisy implements are highly encouraged, as are sensible footwear for a traipse through the orchard. Click here for more information.

Cornish Wassail

Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, TR1 2SJ
Dec 21st, 2023

Get yourselves down to the Royal Cornwall Museum and help wake up the spirit of the trees through mask making, Cornish song, a procession, serpent dance, and mulled apple juice. There’ll be guise dancers, live music, and access to the museums after dark. Very excitingly, you’ll also be able to see some Cornish Wassailing bowls that usually aren’t on display. Click here for more information and tickets.

Bodmin Wassail

Jan 6th, 2024
Afternoon onwards

It’s the 400th Bodmin Wassail! First recorded in Bodmin in 1624, this tradition takes place all over the town and raises money for local charities. The top-hatted and tails-wearing gents will be serenading the crowds in various venues, pubs, and offices in Bodmin and wishing you all the very best of health. Click here for more information.

County Durham

Wassail the Orchards

Dalton Moor Farm, Truro Avenue, Murton, SR7 9JY
Jan 17th, 2024

If you visit Dalton Moor Farm, you’ll have a chance to weave an Ivy crown and to parade through the orchards, beating a drum, perhaps singing a song, and then hang some toast in the trees and join in the Wassail toast, with some tasty warm non-alcoholic Wassail Punch. You’ll need a ticket and there are some important instructions for those attending. Click here for tickets and more information.

Flass Vale Wassail

The Orchard, Flass Vale, Durham
Jan 27th, 2024
4pm onwards

The Flass Vale Orchard, a 19th-century orchard, was brought back to life in 2011 when the old apple trees were grafted and new stock planted. Meet in the orchard, lit by candle lamps, just before nightfall to drink mulled cider and sing to the trees before retiring to the village hall for a shared supper. Before supper there is an entertainment including Madrigal Singers, a Rapper Dance group and a Kentucky Running Set. Click here for more information.


Crook Morris Wassail

The Row, Lyth Valley
Jan 13th, 2024
1pm onwards

Crook Morris are hosting this Wassail – which has been going for longer than 10 years now – to encourage a prosperous harvest in the damson orchard. There’s plenty planned, with morris dancing and a mummers play in addition to the wassailing action. If your folky appetite still isn’t sated, you’re in luck – an evening of singing, dancing, and music awaits. Click here for more information.


New Mills Community Orchard Wassail

High Lea Park, New Mills
Jan 6th, 2024

There hasn’t been a wassailing event in New Mills Community Orchard since 2017 and the organisers are excited to revive the tradition! This will be an offshoot of a Twelfth Night celebration at Rock Mill Centre with singing (2-5pm), and food and drink (from 12pm). You’re welcome to either meet beforehand at the centre, or join at the orchard. Do take along something to make music and/or noise (pots and wooden spoons are always a hit) and remember to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for an outdoor event in January. Everyone very welcome. Click here for more information.

Fleet Wassail

Fleet Community Hub, Belper
Jan 7th, 2024
6pm onwards

Burn the yule log and have a jolly good wassail with the Fleet Folkloric Forum. The procession will start outside The Flub at 6pm and will culminate in a supervised Christmas tree burning ceremony on Fleet Green. You might want to bring breadcrumbs to throw into branches, cider to cast over the tree roots, lamps or torches to light the way and saucepans to drive out evil spirits. Click here for more information.

Whaley Wassail

Whaley Bridge
Jan 13th, 2024
Time TBC

Powderkegs Morris began their wassail in 2014, so why not join them as it enters its second decade? At the time of writing, not a lot of detail is available, but their website will have more when it arrives. Click here for more information.

Holly Bush Wassail

Holly Bush Inn, Makeney
Jan 14th, 2024
2.45pm onwards

The Holly Bush Inn produces its own cider, from apples grown in its own orchard, so where better to hold a wassail!? This is a very traditional wassail too, complete with gun shots and cider. Rumour also has it that the pub sells excellent beer and food, but you’re best to book a table and have a bite prior to kick off at 3pm. After about an hour in the field, there the chance to head back to the pub for a song and tune session. Dancing may even take place! Call Alan for more information – 07970 305694.

Cancelled: Amber Valley Vineyards

Wessington, Alfreton

Unfortunately the weather in Alfreton over the last couple of months means the ground is completely saturated, with areas of standing water, so there will be no Wassail in 2024. Check back in 2025! Click here for more information.


Ashgrove Wassail

Ashgrove Farm, Tavistock
Jan 6th, 2024
Midday onwards

Lodestone Border Morris have been wassailing the orchard at Ash Grove Farm (own by two of their wonderful dancers) for the last 5 years. This is a traditional wassail, with a King or Queen leading the procession, before gunshots, singing and lots of pots and pan noise frightens away the evil spirits and awakens the trees from their slumber. Lodestone Border Morris dance and lead the singing, and there’s warm spiced cider and a shared feast. Get in touch with Sam if you’d like to join them.

Blockhouse Wassail

Stoke Youth & Community Centre, Blockhouse Park, Plymouth
Jan 6th, 2024
2pm onwards

Meet at Stoke Youth And Community Centre to celebrate together with traditional food and drink – who could resist playing their part in encouraging the trees of Blockhouse Park back into life after the winter? Expect lots of apple juice, toast, costumes and fun. You’ll have a chance to learn to sing Wassailing songs, joined by guests from local choirs and singing groups, and to join the Lantern Parade in Blockhouse Park. Wrap up warm and bring your best noise makers! Click here for more information and to book a free ticket.

Bridford Wassail

Bridford Woodland Park, Bridford
Jan 6th, 2024
5pm onwards

Some vary information available for this entry, but if resident dancers Grimspound Border Morris are to be believed, you should meet at the Village Hall at 5pm. There will be singing, dancing and general merrymaking as you bless the trees for the coming year. May be worth getting there a little earlier to size up the job, and do please be on the lookout for the side’s Bear. He’s been a little too big for his paws since winning the Sidmouth Horse Trials in 2023… Click here for more information.

Talaton Wassail

The Talaton Inn, Talaton
Jan 6th, 2024
5.30pm onwards

Join Otter Morris and (prepare your deepest bow or curtsey) the wassail queens at the pub car park if you’re keen to join the short wassail procession through the village and back, before returning to the pub around 7pm to sing the wassail song for the last time. A traditional tune and song session with Tale Valley Folk Session musicians will follow, so do take along your instrument and join in. Pack a torch and your drinking vessel, and be ready with your loudest noises to bless the trees and wish the village prosperity for 2024. Those wishing to eat in the pub this evening are advised to book a table in advance. Click here for more infmormation.

Mummers Play and Wassail!

Buckland Abbey, Yelverton
Jan 7th, 2024

Join Dartmoor Border Morris to scare away evil spirits in the Buckland Abbey orchard and ensure a good harvest this year – remember your pots and pans to make lots of noise. The event starts with a Mummer’s play in the Great Barn, and will then process to the orchard for the Wassail itself, so make sure you wrap up warm and put on some very sturdy footwear. The event is free and doesn’t require a booking, but don’t forget that there’s an admission charge for the site if you’re not already a National Trust member. Click here for more information.

Orchard Maintenance and Wassail

Tiverton Community Orchard
Jan 13th, 2024
10am onwards

Everyone welcome to don their wassailing hats and join the Tiverton Tree Team for a bit of a prune and a wassail. Free to attend, but you can let them know you’re coming by clicking here for more information.

Lustleigh Wassail

The Cleave Inn, Lustleigh, Newton Abbot
Jan 13th, 2024
8pm onwards

Beltane Border Morris, winners of the Tradfolk readers poll for the favourite dance performance of 2022, will be performing in the streets of Lustleigh from 8pm, with a procession to the town’s orchard for further wassailing. Email Nathascha for more information.

Family Wassail

West Town Farm, Ide
Jan 14th, 2024

Join this creative and fun family afternoon celebrating the apple tree, where activities will include seasonal storytelling, fireside cooking, natural craft making, a farm walk, and wassailing the orchard. This Wassail event is led by organicARTS – Choose-Your-Own-Price tickets are raising funds for their work in the local community. Dress warmly – wellies and mittens definitely recommended! Click here for tickets and more information.

Lynton Sailing Club Wassail

The Ancient Mariner, Lynton
Jan 17th, 2024
4.45pm onwards

Gather at The Ancient Mariner to scare away evil spirits and to promote a good crop in the local orchards. You may wish to take a pan and spoon, a whistle, or anything that makes a good racket to help shoo them away. There might even be some green face paint available to get right into the spirit on the night. Click here for more information.

Community Orchard Wassail

The Byes, Sidmouth
Jan 20th, 2024
10.30am onwards

Join The Friends of the Byes as they take you through a tradition wassail at The Byes Community Orchard. This is a family friendly event with music and storytelling to bless the trees and wish them good health for the coming year. Click here for more information.

Stoke Gabriel Wassail

Near Totnes
Jan 20th, 2024

Visit Stoke Gabriel if you’d like to get a load of the Bovey Tracey Mummer’s play, watch Beltane Border Morris do their thing, or if you fancy a Torchlight Procession, activities for children, food and drink stalls, not one but two excellent pubs, plus the almost obligatory shotgun blasts to scare away evil spirits. Of course, there’ll also be the traditional wassailing of the trees in the villale orchard to make sure they bear plenty of fruit this year. Tickets available on the gate. Click here for more information.

Landkey Wassail

Landkey Millennium Green, Barnstaple
Jan 20th, 2024

Get out to the Millennium Green for some singing, some root-anointing and some toast-hanging. They say that “general merriment is guaranteed” so what are you waiting for?! This is a community friendly event but worth noting that there will be some fireworks to make sure that the evil spirits don’t come back… Click here for more information.

The Acid Morris Wassail After Party

Things Happen Here, Meadowbrook, Dartington
Jan 20th, 2024

The evening may or may not include: Live Morris! Techno dancing! Live techno! Morris dancing! Techno Morris! Live dancing! DJs! There’s a free-entry morris dancing workshop from 8 to 9pm, then you’ll need a ticket from 9pm. Probably the wildest party on our list… Click here for more information and tickets.

Oxen Park Farm Wassail

Oxen Park Farm, Lower Ashton, EX6 7QW
Jan 27th, 2024

Prepare yourself for wassailing theatrics and blessings aplenty for a bountiful apple harvest, plus toe-tapping tunes and delicious food – how does delicious bowls of seasonal hotpot served with flatbreads cooked in the wood fired oven sound? Good, right?! There’ll also be a (cash only) bar with farm cider, ales, wines, a winter cocktail, mulled apple juice and hot drinks. Music will be provided by Hazaar! Bring your dancing feet. Click here for more information and tickets.

Traditional Orchard Wassail

The Health Centre, Plymouth Road, South Brent
Jan 27th, 2024

Get your best wassail garb on (think ivy garlands, sparkling lights, royal finery) and help the musicians bless the South Brent apple trees and scare off the evil spirits. There’ll be traditional songs and loud noises to ensure a good harvest, as long as you bring something to rattle and bang. Warming mulled drinks available, so don’t forget to bring a mug. Click here for tickets and more information.

Clayhanger Wassail

Clayhanger, Tiverton
Feb 3rd, 2024
3pm onwards

Join The Big Noise Street Band for a parade and singing to ensure a good apple crop for Clayhanger this year! Click here for more information.

Holbeton Wassail

Holbeton Community Orchard, South Hams
Feb 3rd, 2024

Meet outside the Mildmay Colours at 5pm for a noisy, rousing procession to the Orchard. Take your pots, pans and lids to bash and make a din, and lanterns or torches to guide the way. At the Orchard, watch and listen as the traditional ceremony takes place, blessing the trees and thanking them for last year’s harvest. Mulled cider and warm apple juice made from the orchard juice will be available. Click here for more information.


Bridport Community Orchard

St Mary’s Church Field, Bridport
Jan 14th, 2024

You are all invited to the blessing of the trees, so bring your noisiest noise makers and wrap up warm to prepare for warding off the evil spirits! There’ll be music, cider, hot apple juice and cake. Click here for more information.

Dorest Nectar Cider Wassail

Pineapple Lane, Waytown
Jan 27th, 2024
3pm onwards

Who fancies fun for all the family? Then roll up for wassail songs, a Mummers Play, Morris dancing, hot food, super local cider and mulled cider, apple juice and wood fires. The Tasting Room will be open from 3pm onwards. You can parking in the Orchard lanes. Click here for more information.

East Sussex

Rattlebag Stag Wassail

The Stag Inn, Hastings
Jan 6th, 2024
7pm onwards

In the first of two wassail appearances, Rattlebag welcome all to gather round the apple tree in this cosy old pub’s garden for a traditional wassail. Expect Border Morris dancing, singing, and Twelfth Night shenanigans followed by an open session and singing in the pub afterwards. Click here for more information.

Rattlebag Cackle Street Wassail

The Red Lion, Rye
Jan 13th, 2024
7pm onwards

A second chance to see and hear Rattlebag in action, this time around an ancient apple tree still standing in what was once an orchard (but is now, conveniently, a pub garden…). We’re told that the harvest has been bountiful since this wassail started, and now its third year, you can expect Border Morris dancers, a short procession, drummers and a delightful mixture of Wassail songs led by Rattlebag, an acapella folk-harmony group. Mulled cider and hot food is available, as well as an open session in the pub afterwards. Get in touch with Sian for more information.

Twelfth Night Tudor Wassail

Michelham Priory House & Gardens, Hailsham
Jan 20th, 2024
3pm-5pm – Family Wassail
6pm-9pm – Adults-only Wassail

Join experts in the tradition plus Blackpowder Morris, Gallyard Tudor Dancers, and Pentacle Drummers for a magical event of dancing, drumming, fire and feasting to bless the trees. Sussex Past says “Bring along a musical instrument, decorate yourself in foliage and feathers and join the torchlit procession to wake the apple trees from their slumber, scare away evil spirits and celebrate winter like the Tudors did.” Hot and cold refreshments will be available at both wassails, with alcohol served only in the evening. You will need a ticket to attend, and these must be purchased in advance. Click here for tickets and more information.

Bignose and Beardy Wassail 2024

The Cidery, Upper Brookhouse, Framfield
Jan 20th, 2024

So much to taste, test and try out at this wassail, and something for all the family (except four-legged friends). They need your help to bless the orchard and chase out evil spirits, via the mediums of cider and brandy tasting, apple olympics, a treasure hunt, clay pot and bread making, plus singing and storytelling. There’ll be food and drink on sale, plus local products to take home. Dress warmly for the weather and bring a musical instrument to bang blow or strum. You’ll need to make some noise! Click here for tickets and more information.


The Cross Inn, Staplecross
Jan 20th, 2024
6pm onwards

Hosted by the Ewhurst and Staplecross Bonfire Society, the festivities will kick off at 6pm. Music will be supplied by Alan Austen and Linda Smith, who will be performing traditional folk music during and after the festivities. Mulled cider will be available, and don’t forget to take your pots, pans, and drums to make a big ol’ noise! Click here for more information.


St Laurence Orchard Wassail

St Laurence Lane, Southend-on-Sea
Jan 21st, 2024

Take your chance to celebrate nature and community, sing traditional songs and awaken the trees ready for spring at the historic St Laurence Orchard. It’s maintained by the local mental health and wellbeing charity, Trust Links, who welcome one and all for some fresh air and a jolly nice time. Click here for more information.


Berry Hill Community Orchard

Berry Hill, near Coleford
Jan 12th, 2024
5.30pm onwards

This is a free, family event, to bless the trees with songs and merriment. Bring along your percussion instruments, funnest headdresses and battery-operated lights for a wassail at the orchard followed by an evening of Morris dancing from Wild Oats, plus refreshments at The Globe Inn. Click here for more information.

The Magnificent Campden Wassail

Chipping Campden
Jan 12th, 2024
7pm onwards

To partake of this most magnificent of wassails, gather at The Eight Bells Inn at 7pm, before processing to Wolds End Orchard for the 8pm ceremonies, and then don’t forget to stick around for a further procession down the High Street to The Noel Arms Hotel for a music & song session at about 9pm. You could probably join at any of those points, if you’re only in for a penny or a pound. Visit the local tourist information centre for more details.

Greater Manchester

Incredible Edible Prestwich & District Wassail

IEPAD Orchard, Phillips Park, Prestwich, Manchester, M45 7QJ
Jan 21st, 2024

You’re invited to this daytime event hosted by IEPAD, with music and singing. Pack something noisy to help wake up the trees, then help to pour cider on the roots and hang toast on the branches for the robins. Song sheets will be provided so bring your voices too! Hot food and drink is available. Click here for more information.

Wassail Celebration

Crowcroft Park, Manchester
Jan 27th, 2024

Help to bless the newly planted trees at Crowcroft Park by joining the Orchard Project and SNUG for a fun and festive community celebration. There’ll be some planting of perennial flowers, herbs and shrubs in the morning followed by a Wassail procession. Don’t forget your pots to bang, and dress appropriately for the weather. Light snacks and refreshments will be available. Click here for more information.


Hartley Wintney Wassail

Hartley Wintney, Hook
Jan 12th, 2024
7pm onwards

The Hartley Wintney Wassail has been an annual event since 2000, when the Vaughan Millennium Orchard project was completed. Meet the Hook Eagle Morris Men at the Wagon and Horses pub before a torch lit procession along the High Street to the Vaughan Millennium Orchard for a glass of cider or apple juice while the trees are blessed. The Hartley Wintney Wassail is a consistently popular annual event in the village, with people of all ages attending and enjoying the event! Click here for more information.

Butser Ancient Farm

Charlton Lane, Waterlooville, PO8 0BG
Jan 19th, 2024
6:30pm onwards

Butser Ancient Farm is an archaeological open-air museum and experimental archaeology site. Gather after sundown and follow the Wassail Queen in a torchlit procession through time. There will be a bar selling locally produced cider, mead and a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Hot drinks and snacks will also be available. Last year’s inaugural Wassail sold out so get your tickets while you can. Click here for more information.

Chawton House

Chawton House, Alton, GU34 1SJ
Jan 20th, 2024
5pm onwards

Enjoy a warming serving of soup in the Chawton House courtyard before processing through the grounds to the orchard in the Walled Garden, where this wassail will ward off the bad spirits. Bring along an instrument or anything that will help make a noise to add to the festivities. Special guests, the Kings Pond Shantymen, will gee things up with some lively traditional songs. Ticket cost includes soup and a mulled cider. Click here for more information.


Westons Cider

Much Markle
Jan 6th, 2024
7pm-10:30pm (arrive from 6pm)

Organised in conjunction with Westons Cider, there’ll be “apple juice” aplenty for this traditional wassail. One of the country’s longest-running Border Morris sides, Silurian Morris, will be dancing up a rumpus at 7pm, followed by an atmospheric procession into the orchard. The event is now ticketed to keep numbers at a manageable level, with all proceeds going to St Michael’s Hospice. “Silurian would like to remind all participants that there is darkness, mud, cold and REAL fire involved – come prepared!”. Is this also the only Wassail with a raffle?! Click here for more information.

Blackthorn Wassail

Newton Court
Jan 20th, 2024

Hosted by Blackthorn Border Morris, a side formed as recently as 2019, at The Chapel of Apple, this is sure to be a wild wassail. Unfortunately for you, if you haven’t already got a ticket, you’re probably not getting in as it’s already sold out!


New Moon Morris and Friends Wassail

Church Square, Tring, HP23 5AE
Jan 13th, 2024
2pm – 4pm

New Moon Morris are heading off on an afternoon tour round the Eastern end of Tring, for singing, dancing, noise-making, and cider to bless their local trees and wish good health to their neighbours. Sure to get the January spirits up! Click here for more information.

Croxley Green Wassail

Stones Orchard, Rickmansworth
Jan 17th, 2024
7pm onwards

This will be the 11th annual wassail in Croxley Green. Meet at the Coach and Horses pub, where the king and queen of the night are crowned, before joining the procession to the orchard just across the road, where the Master of the Wassail and the Chiltern Nemeton Druid Grove lead everyone in a tree blessing and some rousing song (bring along your best noise makers!). Afterwards, it’ll be time to return to the pub to enjoy performances by the Phoenix Morris Dancers, and perhaps a pint or two. Sounds lovely. Click here for more information about the hosting pub.


Annual East Kent Wassail

The Bell Inn, St.-Nicholas-at-Wade
Jan 6th, 2024
7.30pm onwards

We are told “It is reputed that the first time the words ‘Wass Hael’, meaning ‘be healthy’ or ‘good health’ were spoken on British shores was on the Isle of Thanet, in what is now East Kent, by the Saxon Lady Rowena to the British King Vortigern, and the first recorded Wassail in Kent was in 1585.” History lesson aside, the annual East Kent Wassail sounds like an evening not to be missed… You will be led into the garden by a regiment of redcoats, told the story of the first Wassail and invited to join in with songs, chanting and ‘rough music’ – noisemakers welcome. Mumming will follow (whether you like it or not) and the evening rounded off with songs and music in the bar. Pub fare available from The Bell Inn. Click here for more information.

Rising Sun Wassail

The Rising Sun, Rochester
Jan 20th, 2024
2.30pm onwards

Bring health and prosperity to the new year by blessing the G.I pear tree. We’re not sure what the G.I pear tree is, but best wassail it, just to be on the safe side, eh? Click here for more information.

Nightingale Cider 2024 Wassail

Gibbet Oak Farm, Tenterden
Jan 20th, 2024
5.45pm onwards

Wrap up warm and pop on your sturdy footwear for a traditional orchard wassail on the farm. The torch-lit procession starts at 6pm prompt, so don’t be late! From 7pm, there will folk music, Morris dancing and general merriment! Food and drink will be available all evening with a paid bar and freshly prepared meat and veggie options. There will be no parking on site, but return minibuses are running to and from Tenterden High Street. You’ll need to leave furry friends at home too. Click here for more information and tickets.

Canterbury Cider Wassail

Bilting Grange Farm, TN25 4HA
Feb 3rd, 2024
4.30pm onwards

East Kent Morris will be dancing and providing music at Canterbury Cider’s second wassail. The ceremony takes place at the small orchard on the farm, where you will help to bless the apple trees and awaken them from their winter slumber in anticipation of a good harvest to come. Expect fire and torches and much noise! There will be delicious mulled cider, draught Basher Original and bottles of all the Canterbury Cider blends for sale. Food including sausages, burgers and bacon rolls will be available too. This event is ticketed. Email Info@canterburycider.co.uk for tickets and more information.

Victoria Park and Community Orchard Wassail

Jan 14th, 2024

Music from Ashford Folk and dancing by East Kent Morris will entertain you before the procession to the community orchard, after which there will be toasting and blessing of the fruit trees. You can expect torches, singing and much revelry, which will continue in the marquee afterwards, where food and drink will be available to purchase. Email Carole for more information.


Wolves Wassail

Woodlands, Oxford Avenue, Clayton Le Moors, BB5 5RL
Jan 14th, 2024
2pm onwards

This event is hosted by the Wolves of Briganta Grove, a fully inclusive group that welcomes people of all faiths and none to this Wassail. The Wolves of Briganta Grove are a mixture of practicing Druids, Pagans, Witches who meet regularly for the festivals of the year, and although they follow the Celtic ways, they also celebrate some Anglo Saxon practices – hence the Wassail. There will be an open ritual, fire, blessings and awakening of the trees, a loud procession and some tasty drinks on offer. Click here for more information.


Bourne Community Woods

Bourne Woods
Jan 20th, 2024
4.30pm onwards

The Friends of Bourne Woods once again invite you to their wassail, requesting that you bring torches, lanterns, warm clothing, saucepans and wooden spoons, and your own (wassailing) cup. Bourne Borderers will be in attendance and dancing for the assembled crowd. Evil orchard spirits absolutely not welcome and you’re advised to wear sturdy footwear as the orchard can get muddy. Click here for more information.

Grimsby Morris Lincolnshire Waes-hal

Cabourne Parva
Jan 21st, 2024
11am onwards

Grimsby Morris will be visiting Cabourne Parva again for dancing, songs and stories, a performance of this year’s Plough Play, as well as food and drink, of course. Click here for more information.


Wassailing in The Wilderness

Jan 6th, 2024

In celebration of Twelfth Night, join the team from The Wilderness and Black Swan Border Morris to wassail the apple trees as part of their ’12 Days of Christmas’ celebrations. The event is free, but donations towards The Wilderness charity are much appreciated. Click here for more infomation.

Wassail in the Pleasaunce

East Greenwich Pleasaunce, Greenwich
Jan 14th, 2024

Organised by Pip!, with the Greenwich Morris Men, traditional songs from Halstow Community Choir led by Penny Gunstone, and stories connecting the Wassail to the oldest residents of the Pleasaunce: the sailors who lie beneath it in the Victorian burial ground. Lively processional percussion is very welcome – BYO pots and pans. Make the most of your trip by visiting the Pistachio Cafe, which we’ve heard serves a fine brunch. Click here for more information.

Lordship Wassail

Lordship Hub Co-op, Lordship Recreaction Ground, Higham Road, N17
Jan 14th, 2024

Lots going on at this wassail, with lantern making, face painting, a procession, toasting of the orchard, and singing with members of the Tottenham Community Choir. There’ll be refreshments available after the proceedings, with storytelling and live music in the Hub. Pack your cash for drinks and cakes, and for the collection towards the Hackney Migrant Centre. Click here for more information.

Hackney Wassail

Hackney Downs, Millfield Park and Springfield Park, Hackney
Jan 14th, 2024
3pm onwards

This daylight community wassail is here to cheer up Hackney’s trees, and will take you on a gentle walk of about 2 miles if you decide to visit all three locations. There’s the chance to learn some wassailing songs, while the chosen trees enjoy a libation of mulled cider to encourage a good harvest. There won’t be any gunfire, and mulled apple juice, cider and apple themed nibbles will be available. You’re welcome to join for some or all of the festivities, and do take along a friend and a noisemaker. Children, and dogs on leads, very welcome. Click here for more information.

Apple Yowling at the Ferry Boat Inn

Ferry Lane, Tottenham Hale
Jan 14th, 2024

Your chance to wassail the oldest apple orchard in Waltham Forest! Visit the 17th-century, English Heritage-listed Ferry Boat Inn for lots of traditional entertainment, spiced cider and singing. You’ll want your thermals, your voices, your pots and pans, and your best songs. There are usually two or more Morris sides in attendance, and a fun, child-friendly apple wassail follows the dancing. Pub food will also be available. Click here for more information.

Ghost Wassail

Hobgoblin Music, Rathbone Place
Jan 17th, 2024
6.30pm onwards

Something of a “multi-wassail-history-walking-tour-pub-crawl”! Join Goblin Band as they lead a musical wassail tour of the ancient ghost orchards of Tottenham Court Road. Hundreds of years ago, the area was host to many orchards, now long forgotten, but this is your opportunity to pay homage to them, stopping at several special public houses for cider en route. The band will also be joined by some of the finest young folk singers that London has to offer. There’ll be about 45 minutes of total walking with plenty of stopping for singing and drinking and the route will be wheelchair accessible. Click here for more information.

Brixton Wassail

Brixton Orchard, SW2 5RW
Jan 20th, 2024
2pm onwards

This traditional wassail features dances and a few songs by the wonderful Brixton Tatterjacks and friends. This year, they’ve promised some special guests too… Mysterious! Feel free to take a pot/pan and spoon to help them to wake the trees and encourage a bountiful autumn harvest. This is an all-welcome, family-friendly event. Hot mulled drinks will be available to purchase. Email admin@urbangrowth.london for more information.

One Tree Hill Allotments Wassail

Honor Oak Park
Jan 20th, 2024
2.30pm onwards

For the last 15 years or so, people have been meeting on One Tree Hill Allotments to wassail the fruit trees and make merry. Take along something to make noise and wear your sturdy footwear. There won’t be gunfire (it’s frowned upon in SE23) but there will be jacket potatoes, mulled cider and juice, so the event is still sure to go off with a bang… Click here for more information.

Forty Hall Farm Orchard

Jan 28th, 2024

Alongside the usual bashing of pots and pans to awaken the apple trees, this North London wassail will involve an appearance by local Enfield Mummers, as well as poetry and a warming fire. Gather together to toast the toast. Click here for more information.

Barnes Common Winter Wassail

Vine Road Recreation Ground Pavilion, Barnes
Feb 3rd, 2024

The weird and wonderful Wassail is back at the Vine Road Recreation Ground with storytelling, crafts and singing, with a Wassail Master to oversee proceedings. Make noise, make merry and share some warm spiced apple cider and tasty snacks. Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy footwear. You’ll need a ticket, which includes a hot mug of soup from the Vine Road Community Cafe. The Cafe will also be selling hot and cold drinks and other refreshments on the day. Click here for tickets and more information.

Wassail with Jim Causley

Cecil Sharp House, Regent’s Park Road
Feb 7th, 2024

Acclaimed folk musician and seasoned wassailer Jim Causley leads a traditional wassail ceremony at the home of EFDSS, followed by a music & singing session inside in the bar afterwards. Click here for tickets and more information.

Beddington Park Wassail

Beddington Park Orchard, SM6 7BT
Feb 10th, 2024
4pm onwards

Join Madder Mill Molly, Pagan Futurefests and friends as they bless the apple orchard in Beddington Park by the Grange Pub. This is a family friendly wassail, with Molly dancing, a play, toast to entice the robins, and cider to bless the trees. Bring your own pots and pans to awaken the trees with some noise so that they can look forward to a bountiful harvest. Click here for more information.


Brimstage Hall Orchard Wassail

Brimstage Road, Brimstage, Wirral CH63 6JA
Jan 7th, 2024
10.30am onwards

This wassail has developed over the last decade and a bit, and includes the clattering of tins, pans and cups, ribbons being tied to the trees, the “Great Brimstage Codlin Walloping” (colour us intrigued…), proclamations of the orchard’s plans for the year ahead, songs to the orchard and the orchard-keepers, invocations to the four corners and the great tower, plus contributions from the local Vikings, Pagans, Wise Folk and Yoga practitioners. Could you want more? Well they have it! Apple roasting, honey, cake, cider, lamb’s wool, Pommeau and eau-de-vie-de-cidre. Click here for more information.


Great Meols Park, School Lane, Meols, Wirral
Jan 14th, 2024

It’s time for songs, stories and dances around the trees. There’ll be free apple drinks and cakes, so, be prepared and take a cup, and if you like, some food to share. You can also pack some ribbons to decorate the trees, any old pans or tin cans to tie on them and some wooden spoons for percussive effect. Wirral Pomona and Incredible Edible Hoylake will be there to answer a few questions about growing food, cider-making, orchard and tree care, especially winter pruning and planting your own fruit trees. Click here for more information.

Squash Wassail

Grapes Community Food Garden, Windsor Street, Liverpool
Jan 17th, 2024

At Squash, the apple trees are a key partner in their 100-year vision – which began with their planting in the Grapes Community Food Garden in 2010 – because, if nurtured, an apple tree can live for up to 100 years. Their love of wassailing comes from a shared passion for ritual, being close to nature & community and feeling embodied in the seasons. You’ll be singing round the fire, banging pots & pans, sharing soup, blessing the trees with apple juice & toast, and welcoming the new annual guardians of the orchard (which fortunately involves eating some cake!). Click here for more information.


South Court Wassail 1

Wilsons Orchard, Magnolia Close, Northampton
Jan 14th, 2024

Toast the trees and wish them, and your fellow wassailers, a good year ahead and a bountiful harvest. Warm up your singing voices and wrap up against the cold. Don’t forget to pack your pots and pans to wake the trees. Click here for more information.

South Court Wassail 2

The Barn, Abington Lodge, Northampton
Jan 19th, 2024

This is the second wassail run by South Court Environmental, this time in the orchard at Abington Lodge. Wrap up warm, bring a torch, and prepare to make some noise. Click here for more information.


Headington Wassail

Jan 7th, 2024
6pm onwards

This season community wassail (rather than an apple/cider wassail) will start with a rehearsal for players/singers at 84 Sandfield Rd, OX3 7RL, followed by a procession up the road before gathering around the Wassail Bowl. There will be wassail songs from the UK tradition, with some specific to Oxford, and a chance to learn more about the songs. Song sheets and instruments are available and the music can be obtained in advance from Jon Bennett. The Wassail is run by Oxford based group, Moonrakers. Further information from 01865 769206 or MoonrakersCelticMusic@gmail.com.

Eynsham Peace Oak Community Orchard Wassail

Cobbetts Close, Eynsham
Jan 13th, 2024
3.30pm onwards

“The name Peace Oak refers to a remarkable Oak Tree planted in November 1919 one year after the armistice that ended the First World War.” Visit the community orchard for a torch-lit procession with music and singing. The Peace Oak Association owns and looks after a 2-acre field off Cassington Road with its entrance through Cobbetts Close. It is a beautiful site with mature trees, an orchard of apples and fruit, wildflower meadows, a pond, a small vineyard, willow creations and more. Click here for more information.

Wassailing at Oxford City Farm

Cornwallis Road, Oxford
Feb 10th, 2024

Head down to the farm to awaken the trees – the firepit will be lit and there’ll be lots of singing and noise making for the whole family. Click here for more information.


Winter Wassailing

Megginch Castle, Errol
Jan 17th, 2024

Join this very special family celebration at Megginch castle to celebrate their apple trees – there’ll be drinking and singing to the health of the orchard in the hope that the trees will provide a bountiful harvest in the autumn. You’ll follow a candle-lit path to the orchard where you’ll gather next to the oldest tree and the bonfire, which will include traditional Scottish music, poetry reading, mulled hot apple juice, apple muffins and other treats. Warm clothing, wellies and a torch (just in case) advised. Click here for more information.


Ketton Orchard

Hall Close, Ketton, PE9 3TB
Jan 20th, 2024
4:15pm onwards

Bring your pots, pans and voices, and join Rutland Morris, Ketton Community Choir and the Ketton Handbell ringers as they parade into the Community Orchard to bless the trees with toasts, dancing and singing (and the traditional kitchenware percussion). Mulled cider and apple juice will be available.

Scottish Borders

Crailing Community Orchard Wassail

Crailing, near Jedburgh
Feb 4th, 2024
11am onwards

The Crailing Community Orchard Wassail is a gathering to waken the trees, with a procession around the orchard and much banging and clanging of pots and pans. The procession stops at an old Discovery apple tree for a Wassail incantation, for toast to be hung and for the singing of their originial Wassail Song, written by singer/songwriter Rory McLeod, which invokes the names of the apple varieties in the orchard and blesses those who planted the trees. Finally, it’s time to partake in some apple-based treats, both liquid and baked! Click here for more information.


Bere Cider Company Wassail

Woodpecker Lodge, Langport
Jan 13th, 2024

The annual Wassail, hosted by the Bere Cider Company, with a BBQ, mulled cider and live music from Flash Harry. Click here for more information.

Somerset Rural Life Museum

Jan 13th, 2024
6:45pm for a 7:30pm start

This Glastonbury wassail takes place in the 14th-century Abbey Barn at the Somerset Rural Life Museum. Aiming for a good apple crop in the coming year, the ceremonies will focus on the blessing of the oldest tree in the neighbouring orchard. The Master of Ceremonies is Les Davies MBE, known for his orchard expertise, and there will be a crowning of the Wassail King or Queen. Booking is essential. Click here for more information.

Mid-Somerset Agricultural Society Wassail

North Wootton Parish Church, Shepton Mallett
Jan 17th, 2024
6.30pm onwards

We haven’t go a lot of information about this wassail, but it’s right in the heart of Somerset so they probably know what they’re doing. If you’re local, do go along and see what’s what. Click here for more information.

Carhampton Wassail

Carhampton Community Orchard, near Dunster
Jan 17th, 2024
6.30pm onwards

Boasting an impressive collection of 37 varieties of apple tree, there’ll be plenty to wassail about in Carhampton this January. Click here for more information.

Dunster Wassail

Buttercross Community Orchard, Dunster, TA24 6RS
Jan 17th, 2024
7:30pm onwards

Gunfire, cake and cider… what more could you ask for from a jolly Somerset wassail? The orchard was planted in 2012 and the traditional wassail revived after an almost 70-year break. It’s going strong and has given bountiful harvests – must be all the wassailing! Click here for more information.

Hillfields Community Garden Wassail

Thicket Avenue, Bristol
Jan 20th, 2024

You can look forward to warmed apple juice, homemade cakes and morris dancing from Pigsty Morris. Sorrel Wilde will be leading the singing of some traditional Wassail songs, and you’re welcome to join in the singing or just listen to the songs which have been sung in orchards around the country for many years. Donations welcome, which go towards future events, so dig deep and support this local project! Click here for more information.

Hornblotton Wassail and Ceilidh

Orchard Park Farm, Hornblotton Green, Shepton Mallet
Jan 20th, 2024

Neil and Emma Macdonald are kindly welcoming everyone back to Orchard Park Farm, and from 5.30pm, you’ll enjoy drinks, the traditional ceremony in the orchard, then hot food (Baked Potatoes and Chilli, meat or veg) followed by dancing in the barn. Remember to wrap up warm and bring pots and pans to bang! Ticket sales support the village hall and new community defibrillator. Click here for tickets and more information.

Hutton Wassail

Hutton, Weston-super-Mare
Jan 20th, 2024
6pm onwards

A lovely village wassail, starting at 15a Moorcroft Road for that first taste of the mulled cider and blessing of the apple trees. Then the procession heads through the village with much pan banging to ward off all those evil spirits, before ending up at Walnut Barns where, you guessed it, there’ll be more mulled cider to keep you warm. Rag Morris will be doing their thing and Somerset Paddies are providing the music for you to have a dance yourself. Click here for tickets and more information.

Jubilee Wood Wassail

Hinton St George
Jan 20th, 2024
6pm onwards

The Jubilee Wood Wassail will feature a procession led by the Lord of Misrule and Lyme Morris along a candlelit path to the centre of the wood. Here you’ll be entertained by Lyme Morris and rousing wassail songs. The Lord of Misrule will close the ceremony by presenting cider and toast to the guardian tree, followed by a cacophony of sound to frighten the devil away and ensure a good apple harvest next year. Click here for more information.

Westcroft Cider Farm Wassail

Brent Knoll, Highbridge
Jan 20th, 2024
7pm onwards

Brent Knoll’s favourite wassail is back, offering music and fun from The Funky Monkey Bubble Klub, Belly Dancers and Tim Dean. The evening will start with a torch-lit procession, and great local food and drink will be available all night. Under 13s get in free, so it’s a good family night out. Call 01278 760762 for tickets.

Rich’s Cider Wassail

Watchfield, Highbridge
Jan 20th, 2024
7:30pm onwards

What better place to hold a wassail than in a cider brewery in Somerset? And, as if blessing the trees for a good harvest isn’t reason enough, Rich’s Cider’s event is always in aid of charity. ‘Scrumpy and Western Music’ will be provided by The Skimmy Hitchers, and delicious hot food will be on sale all night. Please note that tickets are only on sale in advance and will not be available on the night. Click here for more information.

Bath City Farm

Whiteway, Bath
Jan 21st, 2024
11am onwards

A wassail to guarantee good crops at the farm for the coming autumn. Take your own reusable mug to take advantage of the mulled apple juice, but you’ll be here for the drumming, the shouting, and the hurling of toast into the branches of the apple trees, won’t you? Booking essential. Click here for more information.

Woodcroft Community Orchard Wassail

Brislington, Bristol
Jan 21st, 2024
3pm onwards

This annual seasonal celebration goes on until dark and everyone is welcome. There’ll be singing, live music and, of course, blessing the trees for another fruitful year. Take along an instrument or something to bang (pots and pans are the classic choice, some cash for refreshments, a reusable mug and a torch. Oh, and do wrap up warm! Click here for more information.

North Curry Wassail

North Curry Pavillion and Playing Field
Jan 21st, 2024
6pm onwards

Gather at White Street Pavilion before processing to the Orchard at the back of the Community Woodland for a celebration, including dancing around and toasting the trees and each other, singing songs, making wishes for the New Year. You’re welcome to take your own warm drinks and food, dress up or wear a wassail hat, and take things to bash for noise. There will be music, fire bowls and song sheets, all organised by Tim and Amy with the North Curry Environment Group. Contact Tim if you want to help on milton3hill@yahoo.co.uk.

Bishop Sutton Village Wassail

Bonhill Road, Bishop Sutton, BS39 5TS
Jan 21st, 2024
3pm onwards

Get your tickets now for this orchard wassail. There’ll be morris dancing, a procession through orchard, hotdogs and cider, and if that wasn’t enough already, gunshots to scare off the bad spirits. Money from ticket sales benefits the village school, and the good energy from the wassail benefits the trees – everyone’s a winner! Email Colin for tickets and more information.

Sheppy’s Cider Wassail

Sheppy’s House of Cider, Taunton
Jan 26th, 2024

Sheppy’s make awfully good cider, so we have high hopes for their wassail. They’re also the only wassailers on this list to promise “chanting”, alongside the usual dancing and tree libations, which makes them sound ever-so-slightly dark and Pagan. Get involved – tickets essential! Click here for more information.

Tuckers Wassail

Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland
Jan 26th, 2024
7.30pm onwards

Mark your calendars and dust off your warmest coats because the Tuckers Grave Inn is getting ready to wassail again. There’ll be live folk music from Jon Parry, a roaring bonfire to keep the chill away, plus delicious food and plenty of cider to warm the cockles. Click here for more information.

Tyntesfield Wassail

National Trust Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Bristol
Jan 27th, 2024

Take your noisiest pots and pans to bang and scare away those evil spirits, and join in the merriment as the National Trust team and Kittiwake Border Morris bless the apple trees for a fruitful harvest in the autumn. The event is free and doesn’t require a booking, but don’t forget that there’s an admission charge for the site if you’re not already a National Trust member. Click here for more information.


Bungay Folk Festival Wassail

Earsham Street, Bungay
Jan 13th, 2024
3.30pm onwards

Pop on your thermals and join the Bungay Folk Festival team for the first official event of their inaugural Folk Festival year. Assemble at The Old Post Office before processing to the small community orchard recently planted near the Alms Houses. One there, you’ll wassail the trees and then move to two further locations in the town, before retiring to the Three Tuns for a pint and further singing. And don’t forget, the very first Bungay Folk Festival will take place 6-8 September 2024! Check the Bungay Facebook pages for more information.

Sweffling White Horse Wassail

Low Road, Sweffling
Jan 18th, 2024
7:30pm onwards

This wassail is a long-standing tradition in the local area. The evening starts with a slow, torch-lit procession by Old Glory Molly through the village down to the pub, followed by some very serious Molly dancing. Then everyone heads off again to Old Glory’s apple tree for a toast to the season, complete with gunshots and and singing. We think it probably has to be seen to be believed. Afterwards, there’s a session back in the pub with special guest artists. Click here for more information.


Dorking Community Orchard Wassail

Dorking Community Orchard
Jan 13th, 2024
3pm onwards

This annual orchard wassail starts with Morris dancing from no fewer than five sides – Box Hill Bedlam Morris, Huginn and Muninn, Mythago Morris, Madder Mill Molly and Moonshine Border Morris – before the crowning of the Wassail Queen and a torchlit procession to awaken the spirit of the apple trees. Traditional blessings, singing, supping the cider cup and hanging toast on the branches complete the ceremony, and then the evening is your own to continue supping cider and ale, partaking in simple food and enjoying the music and dancing. Click here for more information.


Honeywood Museum, Carshalton
Jan 27th, 2024

After a very successful first wassail last year, Black Swan Morris are doing it all again at the Honeywood Museum for dancing, before heading into the Ecology Centre where there will be a chance to make wassail crowns, headdresses and masks. Dressing up is encouraged in case you want to join in with some dances and song, and you’ll be able to enjoy a mulled cider or apple juice, with donations to Wallington Animal Rescue. Click here for more information.

For Earth’s Sake Wassail

Great Green Barn, Shamley Green, GU5 0SX
Jan 28th, 2024
Midday onwards

For Earth’s Sake CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that informs and enables people and business to put the planet first and helps to show how we as individuals can make a real difference! The for Earth’s Sake Heritage Orchard in Shamley Green has been planted with around 30 heritage apple, pear, plum and other fruit trees, and the team are looking forward to their first Wassail! Click here for more information.

Tyne and Wear

Whitley Bay Community Allotment Wassail

Waggonways, Whitley Bay
Jan 14th, 2024

Join your local community to bless the trees for the coming harvest. Wear some greenery and take something to make a loud noise to wake the tree spirits. There will also be music and singing, accompanied by special guests, local folk group Juniper Friday. Take your own tipple for the toast. Click here for more information.


The Hop Garden, High Spen, Gateshead
Jan 18th, 2024

Head to The Hop Garden to make a lot of noise and help bring about a bumper fruit harvest! You’ll also need to chase away any lingering evil spirits and encourage a good apple crop. Take your pots and pans to bang and get ready to sing with the Elderly Brothers. Hot drinks provided and donations are welcome. Click here for more information.


Gower Wassail and Mari Lwyd Festival Weekend

Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill
13th and 14th Jan

A whole weekend of winter festivities. Food, drink, morris, Mari Lwyds, cider, torch light, and all the loud noises you’d expect to hear when waking a sleeping orchard. Click here for more information and tickets.


Winter Wassail at Compton Verney

Compton Verney, CV35 9HZ
Dec 9th, 2023
3pm onwards

This is a brand new inclusive, contemporary, and multicultural ceremony based on the tradition of Wassailing the Orchard: Join Lunatraktors and musicians from Celebrating Sanctuary to rouse the ancient trees of Compton Verney with lantern-lit processions, enlightening talks, percussive music, joyful song, and offerings of cider. There will be two processions through the woodland walks, each lasting 50 mins – you should arrive at 4pm to be assigned to a procession. You’re encouraged you to bring your own vessel to toast! Click here for more information and tickets.

St Andrew’s Family Wassail

May Blossom Farm, Barby Lane
Jan 21st, 2024

Head to May Blossom Farm to bang some pots and pans and wake up the apple trees from their winter’s sleep. Sing some songs, wear Ivy crowns, and build a bonfire with others from the local community. Click here for more information.

West Sussex

Hurstpierpoint Wassail

Millennium Garden, Hurstpierpoint
Jan 13th, 2024

Meet at the benches in the Memorial Garden for some singing, then there’ll be a short procession down St Georges Lane to the heritage orchard in Hurst Meadows to sing to the new trees. You’ll need sturdy footwear and warm clothing, and although fancy dress is not compulsory, it’s happily encouraged. Take some warming drinks/snacks along. There’s a free workshop in the morning to help you learn the songs in advance too. Click here for more information.

Weald & Downland Living Museum

Jan 14th, 2024

A whole day of processions, music, songs, and performances. Plenty of noise to ensure a good apple harvest for the coming year and it’s a BYO Pots and Pans event. This is a ticketed event. See the museum website for lots of useful details. Click here for more information.

Trenchmore Farm

Trenchmore, Horsham
Mar 23rd, 2024

An inaugural wassail on Trenchmore Farm. They’ll be blessing their cider orchard with music, dancing, food, and of course, delicious cider! Click here for more information.


Richard Jefferies Wassail

The Richard Jefferies Museum, Swindon
Jan 7th, 2024
1pm onwards

Now in its third year, this collaboration between the Richard Jefferies Museum and Swindon Folk Club aims to wake the apple trees with pots, pans & spoons, drums, other noise making instruments and voices. This free, family-friendly event will include Devizes Jubilee Morris joining in with the fun. Dress warmly and wear sensible footwear. Click here for more information.

TWIGS Community Garden Wassail

Cheney Manor, Swindon
Jan 13th, 2024

This wassail features Icknield Way Morris Men, who’ll be parading at 11.30am. Take something to rattle, bang and shake, and help bless the apple trees for a bountiful harvest in 2024. Free entry but donations are welcome, and hot and cold refreshments will be available. Click here for more information.

Old Road Tavern Wassail

Old Road, Chippenham
Jan 21st, 2024
8pm onwards

This wassail is an extension of the the Old Road Tavern’s regular folk session (first and third Sundays of the month, for reference). You can expect lots of wassail songs (printed in booklets), and, thrillingly, a cake, with those who find the bean and the pea in their slices being crowned the wassail king and queen! At some point in the proceedings, everyone heads out to the pub garden to wassail the apple tree with toast, cider, long sticks, music – basically all the good stuff – then back inside for more of the same, and perhaps a mug of mulled wine. Contact the pub for more details on 01249 247080.

Our Wassail

Hen’s Community Orchard, Bradford-on-Avon
Jan 27th, 2024
4pm onwards

Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust invites you to join their wassail at the Hens’ Community Orchard. Gather at the Tithe Barn at 4pm, bring a torch and “noisy things to make a hullaballoo!!” There you’ll be able to enjoy music, singing, morris dancing, mumming, cider and apple cake. Go along and help them to continue an old tradition in their young orchard – wrap up warm and dry with suitable footwear. Call 01225 864001 for more information.


Headless Cross Community Orchard Wassail

Headless Cross Green, Redditch
Jan 6th, 2024
Time TBC

It’s time for the annual wassail in the Headless Cross Community Orchard – meet at The Rocklands Car Park to prepare to wake up the orchard with a noisy procession and celebration of good health to the fruit trees. Take your pots to bang, bells to ring and whistles to blow, as well as your noisiest neighbours and family members. Click here for more information.

The Fleece Inn

Jan 13th, 2024
5:30pm onwards

Christmas is over and January sees the return of the Fleece Inn’s annual Wassail. From dusk, the apple orchard comes alive with cider, singing and Morris dancers. You can expect to see Pebworth, Aelglthe, Bedcote & Bowbrook Morrises shaking a leg and a stick, before a procession to the orchard and a music session in the barn. The Barn bar will be open and pulled pork/jackfruit baps served in the orchard. Fun for all the family and a brilliant way to dispel those winter blues! Click here for more information.

Bodenham Wassail

Bodenham Arboretum, Kidderminster
Jan 28th, 2024

Head down to the arboretum this January to help Foxs Morris bless the apple trees. There’s a timetable of singing, dancing, walking and wassailing and you’re encouraged to take along your musical instruments and dress up in greenery and feathers. The event is ticketed, but your ticket price does include entry to the arboretum, spiced apple drink and cake, which seems very reasonable! Click here for tickets and more information.


The Jolly Wassailers

Ripon Spa Gardens, Ripon, HG4 2AX
Dec 17th, 2023

Not strictly a wassail, but The Jolly Wassailers will be singing Wassail songs, carols and Christmas songs as part of the Illuminated Winter Wonderland in Ripon. Very Christmassy! Click here for more information.

Lord Conyers Morris Men’s Wassail

The Duke of Wales, Church Street, Sheffield
Dec 23th, 2023

This annual Wassail will include dances from the Welsh Borders and the Lord Conyers’ Longsword dance outside, before everyone retires indoors for a session of local Sheffield carols. This will be followed by a Horn Dance at the Trysting Tree, Todwick from dusk (around 4 pm, weather permitting). It’s like the pick ‘n’ mix equivalent of folk traditions – a bit of everything! We think it sounds brilliant. Click here for more information.

Wharfedale Wayzgoose and Otley Chevin Orchard Wassail

Otley Chevin, near Leeds
Jan 6th, 2024
1.30pm onwards

The Otley Chevin Orchard project started in 1995 and is home to no less than 64 varieties of apples, greengages, plums and pears. You can even hire their juicing facilities! You’re invited to join them in toasting the trees and encouraging the spirits to ensure a good harvest the following season. There will be singing, morris dancing from Wharfedale Wayzgoose and a bonfire, plus it’s a bring-your-own-BBQ-bits affair. Cider and non-alcoholic hot toddy will be available. Sounds delightful! Parking is available at various locations: the White House, opposite the maze, and in the field adjacent to the orchard (a very steep walk or drive!). Click here for more information.

Pickering Road Community Orchard

Jan 14th, 2024
Time TBC

Bring your lanterns and wear your brightest clothes to wassail the 350 trees and beat the bounds of the Pickering Road orchard. Click here for more information.

Alwoodley Community Orchard Wassail

Alwoodley Village Green, Leeds
Jan 14th, 2024

Make some noise to toast this community orchard, wish the trees good health, sip some mulled apple juice, and be merry together. Meet in the car park on King Lane and parade with noise makers and instruments down to the orchard. Apple juice will be provided but do take some cakes and treats to share. You’re encouraged to bedeck yourself natural items like ivy and crowns of flowers too! Click here for more information.

Kiveton Community Woodland – Orchard Wassail

Hard Lane, Kiveton, S26 6RP
Jan 21st, 2024

This is the second wassail in the Kiveton community orchard, which was planted by volunteers in 2022. Meet with The Green Man at the Colliery Road entrance for a musical procession to the trees. Once there, expect a good amount of pot banging (bring your own!) and a toast, before an offering of toasted bread is hung in the branches. Refreshments are hot buttered toast and jam made over a campfire, hot squash, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. THis wassail is suitable for families with young children – there are no loud gunshots or alcohol, and the session wraps up before it gets dark. Email the team for more information.



Twisted Horn Mead & Cider Wassail

1042 La Mirada Court, Vista
Feb 3rd, 2024
1.45pm-5.45pm PST

You’re invited to join the festivities at Twisted Horn Mead & Cider to celebrate the old english tradition of wassailing. There’ll be performances by the Morton Bay Fig Morris – first dance and “blessing of the passageway” starts at 1:45pm, so don’t be late! Click here for more information.


Cedar Draw Cider Wassail

Highway 30, Buhl
Jan 27th, 2024
4pm-7.30pm MST

Join Cedar Draw Cider for their 2nd annual wassail – and long may it continue! The Wassail King and Queen will lead a fun celebration to ensure a good harvest this autumn. The orchard ceremony is at 6pm, but the Corn Dog Company will be serving up something-on-a-stick from 4pm. Click here for more information


Berkshire Cider Project Wassail

TOURISTS Welcome, North Adams
Jan 28, 2024

This is Berkshire Cider Project’s second annual wassail. There’ll be a hard cider bar featuring special guest ciders, crafts, live music, and Wassail rituals, and you’re invited to help them bless this year’s apple tree harvest. Guests include Left Bank Ciders and Wheeler & Watson Cider, plus a chance to make your own dried flower crowns with Full Well Farm, and print your own coasters with local artist Melanie Mowinski. Fun for the whole family! RSVPs requested. Click here for more information.


Colonial Gardens Wassail

27610 East Wyatt Road, Blue Springs
Jan 20th, 2024
6pm-8pm CST

Join this heartwarming and enchanting evening at Colonial Gardens. It features a wassail walk, toasty bonfires, hot cocoa and wassail punch, delicious treats, and music. Click here for more information.


Winter Wassail

First Federated Church, Jackson-Milton High School, Mahoning Ave, North Jackson
Jan 27th, 2024
1pm-9pm EST

Join the Shire of Rivenvale for an afternoon of Medieval games, dancing, and a crafter’s circle, followed by a potluck dinner and artisan raffle. While this may not be a wassail in this directory’s usual sense, Wassail will be served, so it’s a great way to warm up on a chilly winter’s weekend. Click here for more information.


Twilight Wassail Celebration

Showalters Orchard and Greenhouse, Honeyvile Road, Timberville
Feb 2nd, 2024
6pm-9pm EST

Feel the spirit as Daniel Barnett and Shay Garst lead a joyful chant, celebrating the orchard and wishing for a bountiful harvest, and take a stroll through the enchanting glow of lighted apple trees, partaking in the age-old tradition of hanging stale bread soaked in cider to feed the tree spirits. Apple Cider Donuts have been mentioned too. Tradfolk might need to investigate further… RSVPs requested. Click here for more information.


Seattle Wassail

50th and Meridian Ave. N., Seattle
Jan 20th, 2024
12pm onwards

Head down to the Meridian Playground to take part in a tradition honouring the historic apple orchards in the area. The event, hosted by Sound and Fury Morris, includes singing, morris dancing, and toasting the heritage apple trees. Dancers come from as far away as Oregon and British Columbia, and we encourage participation by visitors to the park. Email squire@soundandfurymorris.com for more information.


British Columbia

Apple Tree Wassail

Fraser Valley Cider Company, 16 Ave, Langley Township
Jan 27th, 2024
6pm-8pm PST

Having featured in our May Day Morris directory in the past, the Vancouver Morris Men have made the caper into wassailing and promise Morris dancing, mumming, and general mayhem with their friends Tiddley Cove Morris and Little Mountain Step ‘n’ Clog. Contact info@fraservalleycider.ca if you’d like to attend.