The Silurian Morris Men stare into a wassail fire
Photo credit: Joolz Webb/Picfair

The Tradfolk Wassail Directory: Wassailing Events in the UK

Soak your toast in cider, grab your pans and wooden spoons, and head out into your nearest orchard to awaken the sleeping trees and wassail the evil spirits away.

The Green Man with a wassailing bowl
The word wassail derives from Old English wæs hæil which roughly translates as be you healthy or be in good health. In many counties, wassail songs are sung and performances are made to spread good cheer as well as pour libations over tree roots for good harvests. Common traditions include communal drinking, the singing of wassailing songs, dancing, and (at some of the older wassails) people firing shotguns. Common beverages for wassail include cider, hot spiced ale, wine or mead.

Welcome to the Tradfolk Wassail Directory, 2022-23. Please note that we’re in the process of adding this season’s wassails as we speak, so it may or may not look very complete, depending on when you’re viewing it. If you have a wassail you’d like to add, please do so by clicking here and filling in our wassailing form. Wæs hæl to each and every one of you!

We launched this page during the winter of 2022 and the attention it drew was amazing, demonstrating to us that the wassailing tradition is not only alive and well, but also blossoming once again. We started by wondering why Google wasn’t able to deal the question, “where to wassail near me?”, and we’re pleased to say that now – thanks to this page – it has all the answers. We hope to keep it as up-to-date and useful as possible, so make sure you share it with any wassail organisers you know of and get them to fill out the form above.

Where to wassail near me?

Apple wassailing was traditionally held in cider-making communities, so you’re more likely to find wassails in the West Country, or in the Welsh border counties. That said, it appears to be a popular tradition that increasing numbers are returning to, and – like many great traditions – is spreading across England at quite a pace.

In creating this directory of wassails, many of the organisers were first-timers, suggesting that this tradition increasingly holds meaning for many people who may be coming to it anew. People seem to be keen to connect to the land in a way that we’ve perhaps not seen for some time. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly nice to be involved in something that is non-digital, allowing the participants to look up, gaze around them, and really notice the wheel of the year.

Obviously, if you’re travelling long distances for your wassail, it’s best to contact the organisers beforehand to see if it is still going ahead. However, at the time of writing, the nearest wassail to you may well be at one of the following places…

Your wassailing questions answered

When is wassailing celebrated?

Traditionally, people would have gone wassailing on the Twelfth Night (January 5th) or Old Twelvey (January 17th). These days, most wassails take place after the New Year, stretching from January through to March, and can be seen as a way of introducing a little post-Christmas communal magic in the dark and gloomy days before the sun returns.

How to pronounce wassailing?

‘Wassailing’ or ‘wassail’ is pronounced with an emphasis on the ‘sail’ part of the word. A phonetic way of writing it out would be ‘woh-say-luhng’. It can be heard clearly in many of the wassailing songs in the English tradition. “Wassail, wassail all over the town, my toast it is white and my ale it is brown.”

What does wassailing mean?

The word “wassail” comes from the Middle English toast, “waes hael”, meaning “be thou hale”, which in turn means “be in good health”. The phrase, “waes hael” dates back to pre-Norman times, so if you do decide to get outside and try a quick wassail, you’ll be following a time-honoured tradition. If someone says “waes hael” to you, the appropriate response is to “drinc hael”, or drink their good health.

List of counties

Official gunmen, Whimple Wassail, East Devon. Photo credit: Robert Hesketh/Picfair


Traditional Orchard Wassail
Lilly Hill Park, Bracknell
Jan 22nd, 2022

Banishing the evil spirits and awakening the sleeping apple trees at this relatively new wassail are the OBJ Morris. The ceremony will be conducted by firelight, and you are encouraged to bring your own cider or apple juice so that you can bless the trees. Click here for more information.

Walk ‘n’ Wassail
Warfield, Bracknell
Jan 29th, 2022
12pm onwards

Blow away the January cobwebs with a guided walk through the local countryside, followed by a wassail ceremony at 2pm in the Jealotts Hill Community Landshare orchard. Lots going on, including the Ellington Morris Dancers, refreshments, stalls, children’s activities and a bonfire. The walk lasts for about an hour and the whole event is free to enter, though places for the walk should be reserved in advance. Click here for more information and booking.


Highbury Orchard Wassail
Kings Heath
Jan 15th, 2022
Midday onwards

The good people of Kings Heath, Birmingham, are waking the land around Highbury Orchard with cakes and clangers. If you’d like to learn how to create your own wassailing headdress, or, indeed, a clanger, go along to their workshops at midday. Then follow the procession to the orchard and bless the trees in the traditional fashion (minus shotguns). Further festivities will continue from 3:30pm. Click here for more information.

Broadmeadow Wassail
Broadmeadow Orchard
Pebble Mill Forest Garden
Jan 15th, 2022

Winter stories, singing, and the obligatory noise-making to frighten the spirits and awaken the trees. Lots of good food, plus a performance from Moseley Voices. Click here for more information.

Alvechurch Wassail
Weighbridge Inn
Feb 5th, 2022
5pm onwards

The annual Aelfgythe Border Morris wassail is back, starting at the Crown in Alvechurch at 5pm for dancing and music, before moving to the Weighbridge Inn in a torchlit procession at 6:30pm where they will be joined by Alvechurch Community Choir and Musketeers from the English Civil War Society. Click here for more information.


Willingham Wassail
Willingham Community Orchard
Jan 16th, 2022
Time: TBA

Featuring warmed local cider, bread anointing by a crowned king and queen, a recital to the trees, and lots of noise making. No further details available.

Midsummer Common Wassail
Midsummer Common Community Orchard
Jan 23rd, 2022
11:00am onwards

The first wassail to be held at the Midsummer Common Community Orchard, expect noise and singing to awaken the trees. Fancy dress, face paints, and pots and pans welcome. Click here for more information.

Wimpole Estate
Near Royston
Jan 9th-Feb 28th, 2022
Throughout the day

Not so much an official wassail as a trail through the grounds of this National Trust property, teaching you the history of the tradition. The trail is free, providing you’ve paid to access the grounds or you’re a National Trust member. Click here for more information.


Millennium Green Community Wassail
Halton Village, Runcorn
Jan 16th, 2022

A procession around the village green, followed by wassailing in the orchard. There will be mulled cider and homemade soup. With all those evil spirits and sleepy trees about, they need to make a lot of noise, so bring drums or other musical instruments, or a pot and a spoon. Wear flowers, feathers and ivy in your hair, a silly hat, or something brightly coloured. Sing, dance, and have fun. The Earl of Stamford Morris will bring even more music and even more dancing, to lead the procession. Click here for more information.


Cornish Wassail
Jan 18th, 2022

A Cornish wassail creates more of a “shallal” than a rumpus, and this year’s shallal is being led by Merv Davey and Matt Blewett, with music and singing from Tir ha Tavas. You’re welcome to bring your own noise-making utensils, as well as toast and string for hanging in the apple trees. Prior to all of this, however, if you head to CAST in Helston for 3pm you’ll find an apple-related talk given by Simon Pope, William Arnold, and James Ferguson. Click here for more information.

Newquay Orchard Wassail
Newquay Community Orchard
Jan 8th, 2022

Begin with fireside storytelling, offering a history of the wassailing tradition, before blessing the roots of the apple trees with apple juice, and the branches with hanging toast. Once that’s done, expect an evening of singing and merriment. Wassailers are encouraged to paint their faces green and put a feather in their hats. Click here for more information.

Storytelling at the Newquay Orchard Wassail


Amber Valley Vineyards
Wessington, Alfreton
Jan 29th, 2022

Amber Valley Vineyards are hosting a wassail in their orchard, boasting a bonfire, barbeques, wines, ales, ciders, a flaming torch procession and, of course, the appearance of the Wassailing Bowl. Book your tickets ahead of the event. Click here for more information.


Cleave Inn Wassail
Jan 8th, 2022
8pm onwards

A wassail in Lustleigh Orchard near The Cleave Inn, on the Western edge of Dartmoor. Expect music and fire to ward off the evil spirits and bring light to brighten the darkness. With Beltane Border Morris in attendance, and the promise of a wassail “come snow, come frost, come horizontal rain and hail”, there’ll be no trees left snoozing by the end of the evening. Click here for more information.

Buckerell & Weston Wassail
Jan 14th, 2022

Join the Heron Farm Wassail Queen and the Dartmoor-based folk singer Jim Causley around the wassail bowl for an evening of music and revelry. You’re advised to wear stout shoes, a warm coat, and funny hat (we promise that’s what they said!), and bring something along with which you can make plenty of noise. Tickets are £10 for adults, free for children – that includes a burger and a donation to a local charity. Bonus. Tickets in advance. Click here for more information.

Solland Farm Wassail
Jan 15th, 2022

This traditional wassail takes the form of a torch-lit procession through the orchard, where the newly-crowned Wassail Queen will bless the roots of the trees while shotguns are fired (into the air, we should add – not at her). Your ticket price will include mulled cider and a hog roast. Make sure you’re wearing suitable clothing, including wellies. Tickets only available in advance. Click here for more information.

Simon Pope: Wassailing
Gray’s Cider Farm
Tedburn St Mary
Jan 15th, 2022
3pm onwards

Part wassail, part investigative art event. The artist, Simon Pope, leads a tour of Gray’s Cider Farm, asking, “Who else takes part in cider-making? What of the fungi forming symbiotic relationships with the trees’ root systems? And what of the yeasts, living “wild” on the apple skins, that are vital to the fermentation process?” The traditional folk singer, Jim Causley, will present a new wassailing song, while ceramics artist, Abigail North, will reveal her all-new, experimental wassailing bowl. Intriguied? You’ll need tickets. Click here for more information.

Soapbox Wassail & Ceilidh
Soapbox Children’s Theatre, Plymouth
Jan 15th, 2022

This wassail is particularly family-focused, inviting children to dress up as tree sprites, faeries and elves and join Jack Frost and the Plymouth Morris as they wake the apple trees in the Spellbound Wood. Bring pans and wooden spoons to wake the trees, before heading off to an evening ceilidh, courtesy of the Brim Ceilidh Band. Click here for more information.

Whimple Wassail
Jan 17th, 2022
Time TBC

One of the oldest and most venerated of England’s wassails, the Whimple Wassail was noted by Sabine Baring-Gould in his book, Devon Characters and Strange Events, published in 1908, suggesting that it was already an old tradition when he first happened upon it. Always hosted on the old Twelfth Night, the event has its own incantation and song, and is presided over by a group of official gunmen, there to provide extra oomph when it comes to spirit-scaring noise generation. Jim Causley is a regular singer at the Whimple Wassail, and recorded a version of the traditional song on his 2010 album, Fruits of the Earth. Click here for more information.

Cancelled – Stoke Gabriel Wassail
Aish Cross Orchard
Jan 20th, 2022
4:30pm onwards

Cancelled – The Stoke Gabriel Wassail features a nattily-dressed Master of Ceremonies who leads the Wassail King (decorated cap of leaves) and the Wassail Queen (floating dress, hair in ribbons and flowers) from tree to tree to pour cider on the roots, climb into the trees and hang cider-soaked toast from the branches. Meanwhile, onlookers will make as much noise as possible and a team of official gunmen will fire into the air to scare away the unwanted spirits. It’s a full-on event, featuring Morris dancers, face painting, Mummers, and food stalls. Click here for more information.

Littlehempston Wassail
Near Totnes
Jan 29th, 2022

Wassailing returns to Littlehempston, just in time to bless the 20 newly planted apple trees in the Community Orchard. Proceedings start at 4pm at the church for cider, cake and the arrival of the mystery Green Man, followed by the crowning of the Wassail King and Queen and a lantern parade to the orchard. We’ve even heard Dartington Morris might be in attendance for dancing, music, and general merriment. Click here for more information.


Bridport Community Wassail
Bridport Community Orchard
Jan 16th, 2022
2pm onwards

Things kick off at the Bridport Community Orchard with a dance out from Wylde Morris, while refreshments for trees and humans will come in the form of local apple juice and Dorset Nectar cider. Orchard demons will be dispatched with shortly afterwards. Bring noise-making utensils. Click here for more information.

East Sussex

Wassail at the Robin Hood
Jan 8th, 2022
7pm onwards

With 20 ciders available, expect toasts a-plenty at the Robin Hood wassail. There’ll also be Morris dancing, a traditional Mummers play from The Hollington Tipteerers, and a weather-dependent appearance by local giant, Hannah. We’re intrigued! Click here for more information.


Big Bear Wassail
The Big Bear Cider Mill
Tumblers Green
Jan 15th, 2022
6:30pm onwards

There is no booking or ticketing needed at this harvest blessing. As usual, bring pots and pans for spirit scaring, and prepare your belly for Big Bear’s hot mulled cider and sausages in a bap. Click here for more information.


Berry Hill Community Orchard
Berry Hill
Jan 14th, 2022
4pm onwards

Cheese, apples, beverages, bread, and dancing – all are promised as part of the Berry Hill Community Orchard Wassail. Bring torches, instruments, and decorative but warm clothing. Click here for more information.

Welland Winter Wassail
Pursers Community Orchard
Jan 15th, 2022
Time TBC

Bringing the locals together on these dark, post-Christmas nights, the Welland Winter Orchard makes a welcome promise of bonfires, Morris dancers, entertainers, hot dogs, and hot mulled cider. Pre-booked tickets are a must. Click here for more information.


Hartley Wintney Wassail
Jan 14th, 2022
6.45pm onwards

The Hook Eagle Morris Men are preparing to lead a torchlit procession to the Vaughan Millennium Orchard to bless the apple trees for the coming year. Meet them at the Waggon and Horses, hold your torch on high, and enjoy this annual event in Hartney Wintney. Click here for more information.

Chawton House
Chawton, Alton
Jan 15th, 2022

There’ll be warding off of bad spirits in the walled garden at Chawton House, where the Kings Pond Shantymen will be providing the noise. Once the wassailing ceremony is over, a mug of warming soup will be served. Tickets must be booked ahead. Click here for more information.

The Whitchurch Wassail
Elizabeth II Daniel Park
Jan 29th, 2022
1pm onwards

This is a first for Whitchurch, Hampshire, and it will be led by folk singer Jackie Oates and Tradfolk editor, Jon Wilks, with wassailing songs from the Andover Loft Singers Choir. The wassail will be followed by a tradfolk session in the local Parish Hall, COVID-permitting. Bring your instruments and your pots and pans. Click here for more information.


The White Swan
Jan 6th, 2022
7pm onwards

Leominster Morris have been running an annual wassail since 1983, stopping only last year for the pandemic lockdown. They return this year to the White Swan in Eardisland, a spot they last wassailed in 2003. Visitors will be given their own safely-lit torch, cider-soaked toast will be placed in trees, The Hereford Lantern shall be ignited, and a ring of 12 fires sparked up. Expect dancing and song, and a real sense of age-old occasion. Click here for more information.

Westons Cider
Much Markle
Jan 8th, 2022

One of the country’s longest-running Border Morris sides, Silurian Morris, will be dancing up a rumpus in Much Markle on the 8th. Organised in conjunction with Westons Cider, there’ll be “apple juice” aplenty for this traditional wassail. The event is free, with all donations going to St Michael’s Hospice. Click here for more information.

Dragon Orchard Wassail
Jan 15th, 2022

Hosted by Blackthorn Border Morris, a side formed as recently as 2019 who have taken to promoting local traditions with admirable, infectious zeal (4,500 Instagram followers and counting), this looks like a mini-festival. Expect side stalls, bars, Mari Lywds and other beasts, musicians, storytellers, and, of course, a rousing dance by Blackthorn themselves. Click here for more information.

Millennium Green Orchard
Jan 15th, 2022
11am onwards

Join Jenny Pipes Morris for a dance out at Corn Square, Leominster, at 11am, before heading over to the Millennium Green Orchard to wassail the devilish sprites away. Head to Grange Court afterwards for a much-needed, warming bowl of soup. Click here for more information.

The Crown Inn
Jan 15th, 2022
5pm onwards

Very little information on this wassail was available at the time of writing, other than that the thronging begins at 5pm, the wassailing at 6pm, and that if someone shouts “waes hael!”, you shout “drink hael!”, and then take a slug of cider. It’s tradition’s oldest drinking game. Click here for more information.


Orchard Wassailing
Cotesbach Educational Trust
Jan 15th, 2022

Poet and writer, Matt Black, is the Master of Ceremonies at this Leicestershire wassail, promising a singing Wassail King & Queen, who also happen to be part of The Hatstand Band. Folklore, storytelling, and mulled cider are also on the cards. Click here for more information.

Orchard Wassailing in Lutterworth
Orchard Wassailing in Lutterworth


Stamford Community Orchard
Jan 8th, 2022
4:30pm onwards

The Rutland Morris Men and the Woven Chords Choir will be providing enough noise and mayhem to keep the evil orchard spirits at bay for another year. Bring your saucepans and your wooden spoons and help them wassail their way into a prosperous 2022. Click here for more information.

Bourne Community Woods
Bourne Woods
Jan 8th, 2022
4pm onwards

The Friends of Bourne Woods invite you to their wassail this year, requesting that you bring torches, lanterns, warm clothing, saucepans and wooden spoons, and your own (wassailing) cup. Evil orchard spirits absolutely not welcome. Click here for more information.

Skidbrook Cyder Wassail
Cabourne Parva
Jan 16th, 2022
10:30am onwards

Organised by the makers of Skidbrook Cyder, this Lincolnshire Wassail will play host to Grimsby Morris, with roast pork, buns, jacket potatoes, and – of course – lashings of cider (or cyder) on offer. Although the event is free, please book ahead so that the organisers have a decent idea of numbers. Click here for more information.

Ketton Orchard
Hall Close, Ketton
Jan 22nd, 2022
4pm onwards

At the time of writing, not much information was at hand for this event, other than that the Rutland Morris Men will be dancing their second wassail of the season. Click here for more information.


Winter Wassail
Squash Liverpool
Jan 19, 2022

You’ll find Squash on Windsor Street, where they’ll be celebrating their apple trees with food, fire and song at lunchtime on Jan 19th. Click here for more information.


Streatham Common Garden
Streatham Common
Jan 9th, 2022

The Streatham Common Community Garden is a historic, walled garden located in the Streatham Common Rookery Garden. They’ll be holding their annual wassail in the company of the Brixton Tatterjacks Morris, who will be bringing the music and mayhem to waken the year. Click here for more information.

Broomfield Community Orchard
Broomfield Park
Jan 9th, 2022

The Friends of Broomfield Park run an annual afternoon wassail for families. Apple juice and mulled cider are at the heart of this event, as they awaken the local apple trees from their winter slumber. Click here for more information.

Midnight Apothecary Wassail
Brunel Museum
Jan 15th, 2022

This is a big old do featuring a Wassail Butler and a Wassail Queen, myriad cider-based concoctions, a noisy ceremony, a bar in the Tunnel Shaft, and plenty of traditional folk musicians. It’s a popular one, too, so book early. Click here for more information.

Apple Yowling
The Ferry Boat Inn

A wassail by any other name… Apple Yowling at the Ferry Boat Inn has taken place annually in Tottenham since 2013, offering blessings to the oldest apple orchard in Waltham Forest. Pots, pans, and songs will guarantee a swift retreat by the woodland demons. Click here for more information.

East Greenwich Wassail
East Greenwich Pleasurance

A wassail to awaken the trees, organised by Pip Planting in the Pleasurance. Expect the Greenwich Morris Men, and – as usual – bring noise-making utensils. Those trees won’t awaken themselves. Click here for more information.

Goldsmiths Wassail
Goldsmiths Allotments
Jan 20th, 2022

The Music and Art departments at Goldsmiths University will be joining forces to awaken the allotment apple trees and banish unwanted spirits. They will bless the trees with offerings of mead, cake and apple juice, before decorating them in ribbons. All are welcome, and encouraged to bring your own libations, instruments, and loud singing voices. Click here for more information.

Forty Hall Farm Orchard
Jan 23rd, 2022
2pm onward

Alongside the usual bashing of pots and pans to awaken the apple trees, this North London wassail will involve a poetry session (for those that are “sing shy”) and the appearance of local Mummers. Promising mulled apple juice for visitors, the organisers ask that you help the planet by bringing your own recyclable drinking vessel. Click here for more information.

Brixton Orchard Wassail
Brixton Hill
Jan 23, 2022

Making their second appearance of the wassailing season, the Brixton Tatterjacks will provide the jingle-jangle required to banish the ill-advised spirits. If you arrive at 1pm, you can learn how to prune fruit trees properly, while the dancing and singing (and consuming of hot mulled drinks) will begin at 2pm. Click here for more information.


Fallowfield Loop Wassail
The Quadrants, Fallowfield Loop
Jan 9th, 2022

A family friendly wassail organised by the Friends of the Fallowfields Loop in South Manchester. Led by the Guardian of the Woods, this is a toast to the orchard, with fire spinning and lots of noise to ward off the evil spirits. Dress warmly and brightly, and don’t forget to bring something to make plenty of noise with (instruments especially welcome). Hot mulled cider and apple juice will be available. Click here for more information.

Merseybank to Kenworthy Orchard
Community Orchard
Merseybank Playing Fields
Jan 16th, 2022

This event is a wassailing parade, led by The Galavantes (band) as they wander between two orchards, serenading the trees in a traditionally noisy fashion. Bring as much noise, apple juice, and hanging toast as you can. Click here for more information.


Dilston Physic Garden
Jan 16th, 2022

Exploring “earth-centred spiritual heritage, symbolically celebrating the wheel of the year”, this wassail, run by local druids, aims to focus our attention to the importance of our relationship with nature. That said, noise, toast in trees, and plenty of cider will play a big part in proceedings. Click here for more information.


The Brightwell Wassail
Brightwell-cum-Sotwell orchards
Near Wallingford
Jan 9th, 2022
3pm onwards

An annual wassail has been taking place on the old Twelfth Night in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell orchards since 2012. Starting at the Red Lion, the wassailers form a lively procession around the various orchards, beating pots and pans, playing instruments, blowing horns, and (very carefully) firing shotguns into the trees. Any evil spirits left in the area after that must be asking for trouble. Note: we have been unable to confirm whether this is going ahead in 2022, but there appears to be no reason why it wouldn’t. Best to check with the organisers before you head out. Click here for more information.

Peace Oak Orchard Wassail
Eynsham, Oxfordshire
Jan 15, 2022
4pm onwards

Eynsham Morris will be wassailing an old oak tree in the Peace Oak Orchard. The tree, which is where the orchard gets its name from, was planted in 1919 to commemorate the end of WWI and is maintained by the Peach Oak Association and Willow Coppice. Click here for more information.


Blagdon Wassail
Blagdon Village Club
The Mendips
Jan 8th, 2022

Take a trip to Blagdon village for a traditional ceremony, starting with Morris dancing at the village club, followed by a procession to the orchard to bless the trees for the coming year’s harvest. Very wholesome. Sensible footwear is advised. Click here for more information.

Orchard Park Farm
Hornblotton Green
Jan 8th, 2022
5pm onwards

This is a local village wassail, but visitors are welcome. The event will include the obligatory banging of pots and pans, and expect shotgun fire to scare the spirits away. The Village Singers from Wiltshire will also be making an appearance. Contact Neil MacDonald for further details. Click here for more information.

Thatchers Cider Wassail
Myrtle Farm
Jan 12th, 2022
Time TBC

Thatchers have been brewing their cider in Sandford since 1904, and many of the following years have involved a traditional wassail with the usual hullabaloo. Pots, pans, guns, songs, plus a two-course meal and music from The Barnacle Boys. You’ll need to book ahead. For more information, call 01934 611518.

Barley Wood Orchard
The Walled Garden
Jan 15, 2022
8pm onwards

Fires, mulled cider, and a ceremony held in conjunction with the much-heralded Ethicurean Restaurant. This wassail, organised by hand-pressed cider-makers, Barley Wood Orchard, promises to be as delicious as it is communal. Bring instruments to make noise around the fire and frighten the malignant spirits away. Click here for more information.

Jubilee Wood Wassail
Hinton St George
Jan 15th, 2022
Time TBC

Lyme Morris will be dancing at Hinton St George for this year’s Jubilee Wood Wassail. The event’s website has pictures of toffee apples, so… quite simply… try holding us back. Click here for more information.

Rich’s Cider Wassail
Watchfield, Highbridge
Jan 15th, 2022

What better place to hold a wassail than in a cider brewery in Somerset? And, as if blessing the trees for a good harvest isn’t reason enough, this year’s event is in aid of the Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The loud noises will be provided by The Skimmy Hitchers. Note that tickets are only on sale in advance and will not be available on the night. Click here for more information.

Somerset Rural Life Museum
Jan 15th, 2022

This Glastonbury wassail takes place in the 14th-century Abbey Barn at the Somerset Rural Life Museum. Aiming for a good apple crop in the coming year, the ceremonies will focus on the blessing of the oldest tree in the neighbouring orchard. The Master of Ceremonies is Les Davies MBE, known for his orchard expertise, and there will be a crowning of the Wassail King or Queen. Booking is essential. Click here for more information.

Hedgers Cider Wassail
Jan 15th, 2022

Hedgers Cider in Redhill, Somerset, are celebrating their cider-making process and the trees that power it with this traditional wassail, replete with official gunmen to ward off the evil spirits. Expect mulled cider, homemade stew, and music from The Redhillbillies. Click here for more information.

Sheppy’s Cider Wassail
Sheppy’s House of Cider, Taunton
Jan 21st, 2022
5pm onwards

Sheppy’s make awfully good cider, so we have high hopes for their wassail. They’re also the only wassailers on this list to promise “chanting”, alongside the usual dancing and tree libations, which makes them sound ever-so-slightly dark and Pagan. Get involved! Click here for more information.

The Pigpen
Over Stratton
Jan 22nd, 2022
6:30pm onwards

Hearty, home-cooked food is the order of the day at The Pigpen, a gathering space that specialises in outdoor feasts. A procession in celebration of the cider apple trees is central to the festivities, as is an appearance from the Langford Mummers, and a supper of pheasant and pork bangers and mash. Booking is essential. Click here for more information.

Near Bristol
Jan 22nd, 2022
1:30pm onwards

Fresh from the previous weekend’s activities in Glastonbury, Les Davies MBE will lead the wassail at Tyntesfield House, the National Trust property, where he’ll be spooking evil spirits from the orchard. The event is free to attend, although you’ll have to pay entrance fees to the house (unless you’re a National Trust member). Bring pots and pans to scare the spirits with, and fancy dress is encouraged. Click here for more information.

Bath City Farm
Whiteway, Bath
Jan 29th, 2022

A free wassail to guarantee good crops this coming autumn. The hot chocolate at Bath City Farm is said to be excellent, but you’ll be here for the drumming, the shouting, and the hurling of toast into the branches of the apple trees, won’t you? Click here for more information.

Community Farm Wassail
Chew Magna
Feb 5th, 2022

Hot cake, drinks, a farm tour, and traditional wassailing songs from folk musician, Susanna Waters. Celebrating a time of optimism, as the buds start to fatten on the branches, and the locals come together to bless the apple trees for the year ahead. Click here for more information.


Sweffling White Horse Wassail
Low Road, Swelfing
Jan 20th, 2022
7:30pm onwards

The Old Glory Molly Dancers of Rumburgh will be taking this particular wassail by storm, dancing up a ruckus with which to send those spirits packing. Click here for more information.


Dorking Wassail
Dorking Community Orchard
Jan 15th, 2022
3pm onwards

BoxHill Bedlam Morris will kick off proceedings at The Old House on West Street, around 3pm, dancing with Madder Mill Molly before leading the gathering to the Dorking Community Orchard. The wassailing ceremony will begin by the bonfire at around 5pm. Bring a torch, warm clothes, and something to bang on to awaken the trees and scare the evil spirits away. Click here for more information.

West Sussex

Weald & Downland Living Museum
Jan 16th, 2022

Processions, music, songs, and performances. Plenty of noise to ensure a good apple harvest for the coming year. This is a ticketed event. See the museum website for further details. Click here for more information.


Richard Jefferies Wassail
The Richard Jefferies Museum
Jan 9th, 2022

Combining the age-old tradition of Beating the Bounds with a right jolly wassail, this collaboration between the Richard Jefferies Museum and Swindon Folk Club is a new one for 2022. Pots, pans and drums are welcome, in the hope that they can wake up Old Man Apple, the spirit of the orchard. Local choir, The Noteables, will round off the afternoon with wassailing songs. Click here for more information.

Tithe Barn Wassail
Jan 29th, 2022
4pm onwards

The annual Bradford-on-Avon wassail commonly includes a dance out by Holt Morris, occasionally joined by the Bells Angels. The gathering begins at the Tithe Barn before moving over to Hen’s Orchard for the ceremony, singing, bread dipped in cider, and (get this!) a lone musketeer shooting thrice through the apple boughs. Now, that’s wassailing in style! Note: at the time of writing, this event was awaiting the final decision on whether to proceed. Keep an eye on the town website for the latest news. Click here for more information.


The Fleece Inn
Jan 8th, 2022
5:30pm onwards

Get a real sense of history by attending the Fleece Inn’s annual wassail. Cider, Morris dancing, music and merriment guaranteed. This 15th-century pub is sure to have seen countless wassails in its time, and the owners’ love of all things traditional makes it the perfect spot to jolly-up some blessed noise. Click here for more information.

Oldfields Cider Winter Wassail
Frith Common, Tenbury Wells
Jan 8th, 2022

Starting with a flaming torch procession into the orchard for the official wassail, the Leominster Morris Men will then lead the evening’s festivities of dancing, Mumming, drinking cider, and eating hot winter grub. Dress warmly, and bring sturdy gloves if you decide you’d like to be one of the torch bearers. Click here for more information.

Welland Winter Wassail
Jan 15th, 2022
5.30pm onwards

Tickets for the inaugural Welland Winter Wassail have already sold out, but we don’t want to leave it off the list! There’ll be Morris dancers, entertainers, hot dogs, a bonfire, marshmallows… almost too many good things. The trees of the community orchard will be blessed as the community comes together to toast the turning year and hope for a good harvest. Click here for more information.


Pickering Road Community Orchard
Jan 9th, 2022

Little has been written about what this wassail will entail, although a nice twist seems to be that the toast in the trees is for the robins who are the guardians of Pickering Road Community Orchard. Best to contact the organisers via their Facebook page for further details. Click here for more information.